Monday, January 2, 2017

Start Another Story

Well I have spent the last month thinking things over and have come to decide that this will be my last "blog post". I have been slowly fading already with my switch to working based on inspiration rather than pumping out posts with items I was handed, and I am coming to realize SL isn't the inspiration it once was. SL will still have a part of me and I will still be on once in awhile, but the draw of being on for endless hours is gone for me. I have made great friends over the years and had much fun, but now RL holds more appeal. When inspiration hits you will still be able to find pictures on my Flickr and I will probably still fully credit them there, minus the landmarks. But thank you for taking part of this journey with me over the past 5 or so years, no matter how brief or late your visit may be. So long and thanks for all the fish!

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: -Belleza- FLF Amber System Skin - Med
Hair: Doe - Twinkle - Candy WITH Blinking Twinkle Lights (Lights tinted)
Eyes: IKON - Triumph Eyes - Slate
Mouth: .:Soul:. - Kissers - Cupid's Pout - Smirk WITH Human Teeth and Doe - Blinking Twinkle - Mouth Lights (Lights Tinted)
Lips: Sn@tch - Midnight Cream Lipsticks - Mauve
Body: Maitreya - Mesh Body - Lara WITH Hands
Dress: Sn@tch - Bonnie Sequin Dress
Polish: A:S:S - Nail appliers - Purples
Pose: GingerFish Poses - Curves 3 - Mirror

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

How You Like Meow?

Soul made me feel a bit spotted, so I had to pull out some of the newer Neko accessories I've found recently, and show off my cuter side! =^.~=

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: .:Soul:. Gen2F - Fala - [SE Ethereal - Leopard] - V.I.P Luck Chair Skin
Ears: +Half-Deer+ - Mewnificent - Black Nebula Ears
Hair: Magika - Restless (Slightly Tinted)
Eyes: .Insufferable Dastard. - Creature Of The Night v2 - Twilight
Eyeliner: [mock] - Kitten EyeLiner - Jet Black
Mouth: .:Soul:. Kissers - Cupid's Pout - Neko
Lips: Zibska ~ Plais 14
Tail: +Half-Deer+ - Mewnificent - Black Tail
Body: Maitreya - Mesh Body - Lara WITH Feet
Body Suit: Moon Elixir - Coven - 1 - Maitreya - Bodysuit
Hands: Slink - AvEnhance Hands Female - Elegant WITH DP - Koffin Nails - Autumn Frost
Socks: REIGN.- Kitty Stockings
Pose: Custom - Available Upon Request

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Saving Me

Well vacation is over, time for me to get back to blogging and I have to say I fell in LOVE with this look I assembled right before I left and couldn't wait to show it off. It was getting to be one of those times where my creativity was waning, but the Nu-Coven Gacha from Cute Poison and Kenvie put that spark back and I think I made it grow into a nice little flame for now.

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: ::JOLI:: - Giselle '16 Skin - Bare - Pale
Hair: Magika - Darkness Falls
Shades: Cute Poison x Kenvie - Nu-Coven Shades (#19) (Available at The Coven)
Eyes: IKON - Charm Eyes - Brown
Eye Shadow: alaskametro<3 - Fall Essentials - Eyeshadow 02 (Available at Sad November)
Mouth: .:Soul:. - Kissers - Cupid's Pout - Smirk WITH Human Teeth
Lips: alaskametro<3 - Fall Essentials - Lipstick 03 (Available at Sad November)
Choker: Cute Poison x Kenvie - Nu-Coven Choker - Black (#12) (Available at The Coven)
Body: Maitreya - Mesh Body - Lara
Tattoos: [White~Widow] - Invictus
Necklace: .Insufferable Dastard. - Blood Moon Pendant - Black
Dress: Cute Poison x Kenvie - Nu-Coven Dress - Red Collar (#5) (Available at The Coven)
Hands: Slink - AvEnhance Hands Female - Gesture WITH A:S:S - Autumn 2016 Shine Polish
Rings: Izzie's - Celestial Midi Rings - Black Silver
Stocking: Sn@tch - Shannon Garter Socks - Red
Shoes: AZOURY - Solomiya - Black
Pose: an lar [poses] - The Ava Series - Two (m) (Available at The Coven)
Taken at Everwinter

Monday, November 14, 2016

Winter's Wind

So I may be on vacation but its FINALLY getting chilly out where I am and thus I had to play with some of the fun wintry things that got my attention recently. And thus the winds of winter whipping through my hair and causing a blog post.

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: ::JOLI:: - Giselle '16 Skin - Bare - Bronze
Horns: .:Soul:. - Pernkern Herns (Available at The Liaison Collaborative)
Hair: Tableau Vivant - Editorial - Southern Wind - Blacks+Whites (Slightly Tinted)
Ears: .:Soul:. - Uni Ears - Royal Elf
Eyes: .Insufferable Dastard. - Wayward Eyes - Cocoa
Mouth: .:Soul:. - Kissers - Cupid's Pout - Lycan
Branches: E.V.E - Chasing Morpheus Vol. One - Snow Chp. 1 (Available at The Chapter Four)
Body: Maitreya - Mesh Body - Lara WITH Hands
Dress: .AiShA. - Wood Elf Tunic - Brown
Pose: Custom - Available Upon Request

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Witch Way

Sadly thanks to RL events, this post has been more delayed than I planned and I don't have much to say. So, I will let the picture do the talking since tonight is your last change to go grab the base outfit of this look at the event and it is totally worth grabbing.

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: [Pink Fuel] - Doll V2 - <Vamp> - Pure - No Brows
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ - Viola Mesh Hair
Eye Shadow: Sn@tch - Nefirtiri Eye Makeup - Eggplant
Lashes: *Mon Cheri* - "Falsies"
Eyes: .Insufferable Dastard. - Daylight Eyes - Lilac
Mouth: .:Soul:. - Kissers - Cupid's Pout - LipBite (Only available at the LIMITED event November 1st-5th GET THE HUD HERE)
Lips: alaskametro<3 - "Mage" lipstick - 05
Choker: REIGN - Tattoo Choker Necklace - Spellbound - BLACK
Body: Maitreya - Mesh Body - Lara
Outfit: .::Dead Dollz::. - My Inner WItch - Purple (Available at The Liaison Collaborative)
Hands: Slink - AvEnhance Hands Female - Gesture WITH Sn@tch Nails - Glitter Bokeh
Stockings: Sn@tch - Birdy Stockings - PASTELS
Shoes: Goth1c0 - Little Cementery Boots
Pose: an lar [poses] - The Assemble Series - Two
Taken At NOWHERE Abandoned Amusement Park

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Orange You Glad

I can't tell if it's just that time of year, or if the glowing orange light effects dug into my brain and planted the idea, but either way I am feeling a bit orange, and I just thought I would share.

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: .:Soul:. - Gen2 F - Emma - [SE Tangerine] - TT-FB - Brow
Crown: .Insufferable Dastard. - Sunrise Crown - Sphere - Sunset
Hair: Doe - Widow - Twotone - Neon (Available at Salem)
Ears: .:Soul:. - Uni Ears - Rogue Elf (Available at The Labyrinth)
Eyes: .Insufferable Dastard. - Fire Eyes - Yellow
Mouth: .:Soul:. - Kissers - Doll - Open WITH Human Teeth
Lips: Zibska - Whisper Lips - 09
Body: Maitreya - Mesh Body - Lara
Top: Zibska - Sabine Top
Hands: Slink - AvEnhance Hands Female - Elegant1
Pose: Custom. Available Upon Request
Background Light Fractals: All are available at Totally Top Shelf
[-.::Abstract Soul::.-] - Celtic Bond
[-.::Abstract Soul::.-] - Diamondhaunt
[-.::Abstract Soul::.-] - Clovered Spirits
[-.::Abstract Soul::.-] - Dance of the Floraspirits
[-.::Abstract Soul::.-] - Twined Sigil
[-.::Abstract Soul::.-] - Fluctuating Flowersource
[-.::Abstract Soul::.-] - Squidling Haunter

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Collector Of Souls

Time for my little bit of tradition. As I have the past many years, I joined in on the fun that is the Fallen God and Goddess Election that Fallen Gods puts on every year about this time to celebrate their time spent in SL. Sunday kicked off the festivities and voting has opened in the election. This year was a bit of a recreation from past ideas merged into one and shoved down the path my imagination wanted to take it. I found myself mixing a bit of Disney's Hercules with some Harry Potter magic, and while it wasn't where I saw myself going in the beginning, I am glad it is where I landed. So without further ado I give you my entry before I go back to pimping the contest!

Please go check out all the wonderful photos the Fallen Gods community has created to celebrate this awesome store that is a pillar of the role-play community her in SL. Join the Fallen Gods group and vote for your favorites, *cough*mine*cough*. While you are there check out all the other events and goodies that are out to celebrate. There are prizes, deals, and steals galore all waiting for you to come socialize and claim.

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: +Fallen Gods Inc.+ - Lady of the Shadows - Coal
Hair: +Spellbound+ - Augustine
Lashes: *Mon Cheri* - "Falsies"
Eyes: .ID. - Monster Eyes - Witch
Face Piercing: [CerberusXing]  - Hell's Gate Bridge - Silver
Mouth: .:Soul:. - Kissers [v.2] - Doll - Vampire WITH Double Fangs
Lips: Zibska - Blacktop Lips 14
Body: Maitreya - Mesh Body - Lara
Chest Piercing: [CerberusXing]  - Skin Deep Remake - Silver
Outfit: Storybook - Underworld - Nyx
Hands: Slink - AvEnhance Hands Female - Elegant1 WITH Dark Passions - Koffin Nails - Something Wicked
Staff: Deviance - Necromancer - Staff - Dark Shadow
Feet: Slink - AvEnhance Feet Female - High
Shoes: [CerberusXing]  - Implant Series - Chained Heels - Silver
Pose: Custom Available Upon Request
Boat: Storybook - Underworld - Charon's Vessel

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Wicked Web We Weave

Well it's time for the spiders to come out to play! Halloween is fast approaching and webs are popping up everywhere thanks to this spooky time of year and I just had to play with some of the creepy crawly things and their butt rope. Never thought I would have so much fun playing with something I won't go near in real life.

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: .:Soul:. - Gen2 F - Fala - [SE Amaretto] - Retro - MT-SB - Brow (Available at Retro Rewind)
Crown: Doe - Widow Crown (Available at Salem)
Hair: Doe - Widow (Twotone) - Browns (Available at Salem)
Earrings: .:Soul:. - Earrings - Spooder (Available at The Nightmare Event)
Head: LeLutka - Mesh Head - KARIN
Eyes: .Insufferable Dastard. - Real Eyes - Dark Grey
Tongue: {aii} - +Spider Tongue+
Body: Maitreya - Mesh Body - Lara
Dress: Goth1c0 - Corp Goth Suit - Spiderweb (Available at Retro Rewind) PS - There are also matching shoes!
Hands: Slink - AvEnhance Hands Female - Elegant1  WITH alaskametro<3 - Fall Runway Polish
Pose: *PosESioN* - Perfidia 5
Background Webs: +Half-Deer+ - Starlit Spiderwebs (Available at Salem)

Sunday, September 18, 2016

In The Library With The...

Sometimes a look just calls my name and urges me to put it together. That happened Friday while I was at work and was looking at Facebook and Plurk to get me through the day. I found the various pieces through somewhat random posts and they just started to assemble themselves in my head. I buckled down and assembled them and found the time around weekend chores and responsibilities to to polish the look with a custom pose and now it is time to release her too the world, hopefully I wasn't you she wanted to off...

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: alaskametro<3 - MODA skin - Bronze - Freckled/Bald
Hair: +elua+ - Dakota (Available at Kustom9)
Horns: .:Soul:. - Horns - Demon Priest (Available at Fluffy & Fierce)
Eyebrows: alaskametro<3 - #onfleek" Eyebrows - Brunette w/ Eyeliner (Available at Whore Couture)
Eye Shadow: alaskametro<3 - Fall Runway - Eyeshadow 04
Lashes: *Mon Cheri* - "Falsies"
Eyes: .Insufferable Dastard. - Dazzle Eyes - Hazel
Lips: alaskametro<3 - Fall Runway - Lipstick 02
Body: Maitreya - Mesh Body - Lara
Necklace: Cute Poison - Iconoclast Necklace - Gold (Available at Fluffy & Fierce)
Outfit: Kenny Rolands Couture - TENTATION BodySuit & Skirt -BLACK
Hands: Slink - AvEnhance Hands Female - Elegant1  WITH A:S:S - Dark Satine Polish
Rings: ^^Swallow^^ - Key Of Love Ring - Right Hand AND ^^Swallow^^ - Lock Of Love Ring - Left Hand (Both available at Kustom9)
Feet: Slink - AvEnhance Feet Female - High
Shoes: N-Core - MIU - Black (Available at Kustom9)
Pose: Custom Made - Available Upon Request

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Dragon's Den

So :Soul: just released the next generation of her fantasy tone skins to the Main store right as they released their new line of Lickers at We Love Roleplay! And I have to say coming home from Dragon Con to find the perfect things to help make me into a dragon just kinda spiraled into a blog post. So let me show you how awesome the skins are and how versatile I already found the Lickers to be!

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: .:Soul:. - Gen2F - Emma - [F5]
Hair: Exile - Out of the Ruins - Wildcards (Modified to Match the Green)
Ears: .:Soul:. - Uni Ears - Mer
Eyes: IKON - Immortal Eyes - Peridot
Mouth: .:Soul:. - Kissers - Doll - Orc
Tongue: .:Soul:. - Lickers - Liz (Available at We Love Roleplay)
Body: Maitreya - Mesh Body - Lara WITH Hands and Feet
Scales: :[Even~Tide]: - New Dragon - Slime DARK
Collar: [The Forge] - Scale Armour - Gold
Outfit: [The Forge] - Drulla - Top & Panties
Hand Guards: [The Forge] - Scale Handpieces
Shoes: [The Forge] - Azrael Heels - Gold
Pose: Custom Made - Available Upon Request

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Control Freak

So, I may have found my way into Fetish Fair, and my not have been able to walk away without some latex. But hey it's sexy shiny latex goodness it is hard to resist by definition! Soul release her new generation of Drow skins this past week, and it's hard to resist showing off a good skin. Thus the Catsuit form Sn@tch seemed the perfect fit with it's plunging cleavage showing zipper and corset lacing to enhance the backside. I don't know about you but I think it's time to have some fun.

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: .:Soul:. - Gen2F - Emma - [D2] - Toned Full Breast
Hair: +Spellbound+ - Salome II - Chapter III : Magic
Ears: .:Soul:. - Uni Ears - Blix
Lashes: *Mon Cheri* - "Falsies"
Eyes: IKON - Deadshine Eyes - Storm (Natural)
Mouth: .:Soul:. - Kissers - Bobbi - Grr
Lips: Zibska - Blacktop Lips 12
Body: Maitreya - Mesh Body - Lara WITH Hands and Feet
Outfit: Sn@tch -Supple Latex Catsuit - Slate WITH Suede Wristbands and Leather Riding Crop (Available at Fetish Fair)
Pose: Custom Made - Available Upon Request

Thursday, August 18, 2016

You Spin Me Right Round

So anyone that gets to know Kaylith knows she has a -thing- for Harley Quinn, probably has something to do with the clown like aspects but hey I won't judge. And well it has rubbed off on me to the point I'm actually reading the comics and have become rather obsessed with the red and black trouble maker myself. All this leads to silly ideas that start to come together when a knife throwers assistant outfit comes out the same time a Joker themed knife wheel. Now some more side not back story as to WHY my manic giggle escape my throat as the photo was forming in my minds eye. If you haven't seen The Devils Carnival you should get on it because it really is masterfully done and the way they bring Aesop's Fables to life are marvelous! But back to my point the story like of the scorpion and the frog is probably my favorite of the stories that they bring to like and it might have to do with the role Emilie Autumn plays, but if you have seen the movie you see how it ties to this post without me giving out any spoilers. Then the fact that the Joker themed wheel fell into my hands and well just about everyone that knows who Harley and Joker are knows their relationship woes so the plot thickened and I dragged my favorite partner in crime into my plots. Anyway enough of my rambling time to reveal the work of art that Kaylith photographed and edited.

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: ::JOLI:: - Giselle '16 Skin - Bare - Alabaster - NB
Hair: little bones. - Harley - Black Dips
Lashes:  MIASNOW Lashes - CANDY 4 Drama
Facepaint: MIASNOW Makeup - CANDY EYESHADOW - Red, BLOODY CLOWN 1 - Just Lips, CANDY - just red nose BIG
Eyeliner: cStar Limited - Cat Liner - 008 - Jester Cat
Eyes: IKON - Promise Eyes - Fjord
Body: Maitreya - Mesh Body - Lara
Outfit: Sn@tch - Oops Knife Throwers Assistant Outfit - Red Skirt, Shoes, Knife, and Choker from the outfit too
Hands: Slink - AvEnhance Hands Female - Splayed
Wheel: {Reverie}#8 - Joker HaHa Knife Wheel

Skin: ::JOLI:: - Giselle '16 Skin - Bare - Alabaster - NB
Hair: Magika - Shade
Eyebrows: The Sugar Garden - Bad Bitch Brows
Eyes: Dead Apples - Sorrow Eyes - Green
Lashes: Mon Cheri - Falsies
Eyeshadow: Zibska - Noir 05 - 11
Lipstick: Zibska - Delica Effect - 14
Scars: Oh Harl - Sitched Up Smile
Tie: Bowtique - Necktie
Jacket: Sn@tch - Suzy Leather Jacket - Purple
Top: Pale Empress - Caroline Top - Green
Hands: Slink - AvEnhance Hands Female - Elegant
Gloves: Izzie's - Short Leather Gloves Appliers
Pants: Sn@tch - Kiki Velvet Pants - Purple
Pose: PosESioN - Fetish 7

Saturday, August 13, 2016


So I saw the tails and ears that Cubic Cherry has released for The Gacha Garden and I was instantly in love. Needless to say I got a little carried away with "just a couple plays" (this is why I try to avoid Gacha events x.x') and ended up accidentally getting the Seed of Inspiration. Well once I had it I had to play with it and my inner Kitsune came out to play.

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: [Pink Fuel] - Doll V2 - Vamp - Pure - No Brow
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ - Vic Mesh Hair - B (Available at FaMESHed)
Ears: .::Cubic Cherry::. - {Catty-Fox} Ears - Snow - Earrings color tinted to black (Available at The Gacha Garden)
Lashes: *Mon Cheri* - "Falsies"
Eye Make-Up: +Nuuna+ - Zora - White
Eyeliner: cStar Limited - Cat Liner - 009 - Hardcore Cat
Eyes: Zibska - Aphra Eyes
Lips: Zibska - Morane 22 (Available at ULTRA) WITH Zibska - Whisper Lips 02
Body: Maitreya - Mesh Body - Lara
Outfit: -Pixicat- - Thorn.Body (Available at The Epiphany with 25 points)
Tails: .::Cubic Cherry::. - {Catty-Fox} Fourtailed Monochrome (Available at The Gacha Garden after 20th play on the machine)
Hands: Slink - AvEnhance Hands Female - Gesture WITH Zibska - Mallt - Black
Feet: Slink - AvEnhance Hands Feet - High
Pose: Custom Made - Available Upon Request

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Captive Audience

Some posts take longer to simmer than others and this is one of those that was made in advance and has to sit for a bit for i to settle into it's final state. I was goofing around after discovering alaskametro<3 at Indie Teepee and shopping for all of the things in their shop and this look just started to fall together. Then Kaylith insisted she be the one to take the pic and I had to wait for her RL to fall where it does for the magic to take and I have to say it is worth the wait. But back to alaskametro<3 while I have your full attention. I am in love! I was pleasantly surprised by the skin I got from Indie Teepee but the variety and color pallets in her store have me hooked and I will be coming back for more for sure! Defiantly worth checking out especially if you love colors as much as I do.

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: [Pink Fuel] - Doll V2 - Vamp - Pure - Brown Brow
Hair: little bones. - Gem
Lashes:  *Mon Cheri* - "Falsies"
Eye Makeup: alaskametro<3 - "Muse" eyeshadow - Brocade
Eyes: IKON - Charm Eyes - Brown
Lips: alaskametro<3 - "Cole" lipstick - Orchid
Body: Maitreya - Mesh Body - Lara WITH Hands and Feet
Dress: -Pixicat- - Thorn MiniDress - Roses WITH Rope (Available at The Epiphany)
Nails: A:S:S - Nail appliers - Opulence
Stockings: Zaara - Aksaka lingerie - Oreo
Shoes: alaskametro<3 - "Brilla" Iridescent Shoes - Garnet Red
Pose: GingerFish Poses - Curves 3 - Curvy

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Secluded Swim

So I know I have been really falling behind with this whole blog thing lately. I keep planning them out and then they fall to the wayside or get delayed because I have one part but not others. This time I think I finally have a look assembled and ready to show before all of the events it features end. So without further ado I bring you a pretty in pastel look that was egged on by none other than Ivey of Sn@tch!

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: alaskametro<3 - "Crystal" Hybrid skin - Titania WITH Eye Make-Up 01, Lips 02, and Titania 1 Nails (Available at Indie Teepee)
Ears: .:Soul:. - Uni Ears - Animale
Hair: Magika - Checkpoint
Lashes:  *Mon Cheri* - "Falsies"
Eyeliner: cStar Limited - Cat Liner - 003 - Real Cat Liner
Eyes: .ID. - Horizon Eyes - Blue-Green
Necklaces: Cute Poison - Hespiria Necklaces - Silver (Available at Indie Teepee)
Body: Maitreya - Mesh Body - Lara WITH Hands and Feet
Tattoo: [White~Widow] - The Painted Veil
Swimsuit: Sn@tch - Bunny Crochet Bikini - Violet
Tail: .:Soul:. - Tails - Curly
Pose: an lar [poses] - The Willow Series - Three

Saturday, June 11, 2016

I Fink U Freeky

So today's post is dedicated to my partner in crime is finally reaching that age where she can take on the world legally and everyone better be prepared. So a few weeks back she posted this picture to her Instagram and Facebook and I fell in LOVE with it and actually got some of my inspiration back thanks to it.

But of course I can't just straight recreate that in SL, that hat, those buttons, I could not do it justice. So instead I took to capturing her spirit, the essence that is her and by golly I think I've done it.

And just to top it off I'm including the music video of the Die Antwoord song that gave it's title to this post because reasons. (NSFW really so you have been warned)

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: ::JOLI:: - Giselle '16 Skin - Bare - Cream - NB
Hair: Magika - Such
Hat: Moon Elixir - Coven - 3 - Hat - Charcoal
Lashes:  *Mon Cheri* - "Falsies"
Glasses: Moon Elixir - Coven - 18 - Glasses
Eye Make-Up: Zibska - Ltd Noir 01
Eyes: .ID. - Soft Eyes - Gray
Lips: Zibska - Tempt 12 WITH Zibska - Whisper 01
Body: Maitreya - Mesh Body - Lara WITH Hands and Feet
Vest: Moon Elixir - Coven - 2 - Maitreya - Vest - RARE
Shirt: Moon Elixir - Coven - 15 - Maitreya - Shirt - White
Bustier: Moon Elixir - Coven - 9 - Maitreya - Bustier - Charcoal
Arm Wraps: Moon Elixir - Coven - 6 - Maitreya - Arm Wraps - Charcoal
Nails: A:S:S - Vibrant Darkness
Shorts: Moon Elixir - Coven - 12 - Maitreya - Shorts - Charcoal
Shoes: Moon Elixir - Coven - 19 - Maitreya - Boots - Charcoal
Chair: Kalopsia - Aimee's Chair - Black

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Get To The Pointe

So most of the reason it has taken me all month to get this post done is because I was moving. Every weekend has included moving activities from packing, to physically moving, to cleaning up the old place so we didn't lose the deposit and the weekdays in between working and settling in. But I'm finally all moved and had the time to finish up the pose and picture taking so I can finally fully show off my latest twist of my imagination.

I may have gotten a wild Kaylith-like hair up my butt, but I still have to say I enjoyed creating this look. The shoes started me down this path and the headdress just kind of carried me over the edge.

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: ::JOLI:: - Giselle '16 Skin - Bare - Alabaster - NB
Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ - Faux Dreads - The End WITH ~Tableau Vivant~ - Shortcut Hairbase - Dark
Headdress and Collar: Zibska - Thorir Full Vs. (Available at Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Lashes:  *Mon Cheri* - "Falsies"
Ears: AITUI - Elven Heart Plugs
Eye Make-Up : Zibska - Shir 02
Eyes: .ID. - Dreamy Eyes - Gray
Mouth: .:Soul:. - Kissers - Anya - Vampire Open - Double Fangs
Lips: Zibska - Blacktop 02
Body: Maitreya - Mesh Body - Lara
Tattoo: Letis Tattoo - Nirvana
Harness: Razor/// - Authority Body Harness - Black
Pasties: DirtyLand - Cutie Pasties
Piercing: RealEvil Industries - LUX Piercing Corset
Hands: Slink - AvEnhance Hands Female - Elegant1  WITH [CerberusXing] - Ironclad Claws - Black
Feet: Slink - AvEnhance Feet Female - Pointe
Shoes: AZOURY - Agrippina Ballet Shoes - Night Core w/ Blood
Pose: Custom
Backdrop: Exposeur - Padded Room - Bloody

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Enter My World

We'll show you sights you've never seen.

This post has been incredibly delayed due to work taking up most of my time. I've had this style ready for a while, but I haven't been able to convey my concept properly until now. This delicious latex number is from Titzuki, though I accessorized with a top for modesty, gloves, and boots. I am wearing a combination of Titzuki's Doctor Brother and Victim sets, as well as the matching mask. Initially these products were out for ROMP, but as I said, work made for this post being terribly late. However these sets are wonderful! They are unisex with a couple male and female sizes, beautifully textured, and have some of the best materials for latex that I have personally seen in SL. Putting together the scene and pose for this one was a delightful time. Sooden Ren makes a variety of wonderful RPG items and props that are amazing for setting up your own scenes! While the bed does have a pose animation, I used a poseball and my own custom pose.

Now for the credits.
Hair: Argrace - Kaede - Blacks
Skin: JOLI - Giselle '16 Skin - Bare - Cream
Eyes: Clemmm - The Whites
Lashes: Mon Cheri - Falsies
Makeup: Kaylithium - Fokus - Brush Strokes (See Note*)
Mask: Titzuki - Doctor Brother Mask - Black
Neck Fade: Nuuna - Meta Makeups - Black (Applied to Maitreya)
Jacket: Titzuki - Doctor Brother Shirt - Black
Top: Sn@tch - Amala Latex Top - Black
Corset: Titzuki - Victim Brother - Black - Corset
Gloves: MVD - Gloves Fetish Pack - Elegant - Black
Underwear: Titzuki - Victim Brother - Black - Undies/Stockings (Omega)
Boots: Sn@tch - Coco Latex Boots
Totally Not Drugs: Titzuki - Sweet Pills
Body: Maitreya - Mesh Body - Lara
Pose: Custom.
Operation Table: Sooden Ren - Lizzy's Dream Bed
Lockers: Tampon Inside - Grunge Old Lockers
Bowls: Sooden Ren - Bowl, Tins, Knives and Bottles
Tank: Sooden Ren - Oxygen Bottles
Lights: Sooden Ren - Rusty Surgical Set

*Note: My brush stroke makeup tattoo layer is currently unreleased, but you can message Kaylith Zeurra for a copy. No appliers available. Also, don't do drugs, drugs are bad.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Underneath The Water

So between packing for another move IRL and other distractions I almost missed getting this post out before the events finished, but I didn't and you need to stop what you are doing and run to We <3 Role-Play and the Fantasy Faire TODAY before they close. Especially Fantasy Faire since there are many Faire Exclusives you wont be able to get once the fair closes and I'm only showing off a couple that got my attention right away. Soul got my attention with the bright colors and it was hard to choose just one, but in the end I settled on this beautiful teal limited edition that had the entire proceeds going to Relay For Life. After that I had to figure out how not to cover up the gorgeous markings all over the beautiful skin, while still keeping to my self imposed coverage I keep on my blog and I lucked out again while wandering the Faire. Storybook came out with tentacles that fit the bill and  happened to be colorful enough to match and point my attention to the water. So enough of my rambles let me show you where Fantasy Faire put my creativity...

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: .:Soul:. - Gen2 F - Ranitomeya - [F6] - SE (Available at Fantasy Faire)
Tendrils: .:Soul:. - Naikkim Head Tendrils - Double (Available at We <3 Role-Play)
Eyes: IKON - Immortal Eyes - Nymph
Ears: .:Soul:. - Uni Ears - Mer Long
Mouth: .:Soul:. - Kissers - Doll - Orc
Body: Maitreya - Mesh Body - Lara WITH Hands and Feet
Tentacles: Storybook - Chasm - Huntar (Available at Fantasy Faire)
Pose: //elephante poses// - Girl and The Sea - #6
Location: Photo Location: Mysts of Eyr

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Blow You Away

So I was getting a totally Andy Warhol Pop Art vibe when I saw this new Tank Top set from Sn@tch and well I just had to play with it. I have to say I think my creation is freaking ADORABLE and I can't hardly stand to take it off. I think the hardest part was choosing which color tank to pick, but the PANK lips from Zibska made it for me demanding pink be the accent color and allowing blue to do the heavy lifting. Any which way most of my inspiration came form new items at The 100 Block so go check it out, and don't forget to cast your vote in the photo contest while you are there!

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: ::JOLI:: - Giselle '16 Skin - Bare - Sunkissed - NB
Hair: Moon. Hair // - Neon
Lashes:  * Mon Cheri * - "Falsies"
Eyebrows: Nuuna - Eyebrows 9
Eye Make-Up: Zibska - Claudette 07 (Available at The 100 Block)
Eyes: {Dead Apples} - Marble Eyes - Electric
Freckles: [Stellar] - Rainbow Freckles
Mouth: .:Soul:. - Kissers - Doll - Open
Lips: Zibska - Ultrav 02 (Available at The 100 Block)
Gum: [Pink Fuel] - Yum Bubblegum!
Body: Maitreya - Mesh Body - Lara
Outfit: Sn@tch - Atom Bomb Baby Tank - Blue (Available at The 100 Block)
Bracelets: [ bubble ] - Chevron Bracelets - All In One (Available at The 100 Block)
Hands: Slink - AvEnhance Hands Female - Casual WITH Sn@tch Nails - Matte Tips/NEON
Socks: Sn@tch - Firework Socks - Blue
Shoes: Sn@tch - All-Star Platform Boots
Pose: Custom
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