Friday, September 28, 2012

Dark Kre-ations

I would have to say it pays to stalk Flickr to see the awesomeness that is out there. I have found some great stores just by randomly clicking through "people you may know" and the favorites of some of my favorite stores and bloggers. Kre-ations is my newest discovery for which it was instant love! I discovered the playful fun horns last night, on accident, and knew it was on my list of places to check out when I got back on SL to wander. Well, come this morning I didn't really have time to get online, but I decided to surf Flickr and saw a call for bloggers. I jumped on my chance and crossed my fingers while I went to play RL. I am now overjoyed to say that I was added to the bloglist and I get to show off these awesome Kre-ations for Kreao.

With Halloween coming up right around the corner and the September Horror Haute only having a couple days left my first inspiration form Kre-ations was a wonderfully darker look.

I don't know what it is this year but my dark side is coming out for fall and all of the beautiful, slightly twisted horns I find are calling my name, and I think I like it.

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: cStar Limited - Miss Taurus 2012 - Beige
Horns: .::Kre-ations::. - Beauty Seeker Horns
Hair: Magika - After
Eyes: .::Kre-ations::. - Sinner  Red Eye (Left) & Sinner Grey Eye (Right) (For September 2012 Horror Haute)
Face Tattoos: .::Kre-ations::. -  Sinner  make up (For September 2012 Horror Haute)
Necklace: .:CoLLisions:. - Immortal Beloved Necklace (For Beauty Queen Sale Event)
Torso Tattoos: (flaunt) - Briar Rose Sleeves Tattoo - Black
Top: Sn@tch - Lost & Damned Corset - Black
Pasties: Sn@tch - Bandaid Pasties - Black
Nails: Sn@tch - Nail Candy - Black/Red Tips
Pose: PURPLEPose - Helena - 266

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Innocent Juliet

I happened to get a notecard telling me about an awesome little sale at the new satellite location for The Sea Hole on Tableau. Well to celebrate she marked down her Laceback Tank tops to only 20L$ for each of the beautiful 6 colors but only at the new location at Tableau so here is the landmark. Hurry over to get them before she puts them back to full price! But of course I'm sure you want to see what I did when I snagged some of these beauties. I played innocent of course.

This tank made me feel girly and flirty and I was told that it needed pearls, and then I was gifted these beautiful pearls by my friend Kaylith. I have to say she gets me addicted to nearly everything. First cStar for my skins, now Maxi Gossamer for my jewelry, at least I paid her back with an addiction to the beautiful outfits at Vengeful Threads. But I think I managed to play off sweet and innocent, don't you?

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: cStar Limited - Juliet - Satin Honey
Hair: .ploom. - Majiya
Lashes: .ploom. - Lashes 5
Eyes: cStar Limited - Doll Eyes - 08
Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer - White South Sea Pearl Set
Top: The Sea Hole - LaceBack Tank - Forest
Pants: .: Somnia :. - Basic Jeans - Black
Nails: Sn@tch - Nail Candy - Cloud
Shoes: Ingenue - Ariane - Robin (Available at The Arcade)
Pose: {.:exposeur:.} - Angelia (Part of the Top Model - Spring '11 Intros Pose Pack)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I think I have decided that Ghani of +Blue Blood+ is the most crazy sweet creator I know. Yesterday morning I woke up to a message from Ghani that she had managed to get one of the mesh templates to work for her finally, and that there was an adorable dress on the way. Then she took it one step further and she decided "Draggy" was a fitting name for the dress because it "fits a little girl that has helped [her] a lot lately." Never did I expect such a sweet gesture from so awesome a creator, all I wanted to do was help and I guess that's how this all started.

The adorable, flirty, fun dress comes in five beautiful colors (Black, Pink, Purple, Red, and Teal). It is not yet available but will be announced on the +Blue Blood+ Blog when it is.

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: cStar Limited - Bermuda - Peach
Hair: .ploom. - Majiya
Lashes: .ploom. - Lashes 1
Eyes: cStar Limited - Doll Eyes - 03
Lips: cStar - Lips Gloss - 034
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer - Marrakech Heart - Medium - Silver
Piercing: Cute Poison - Beauty Destroyed (Part of Fall 2012 Twisted Hunt)
Dress: +Blue Blood+ - Draggy MESH Dress - PURPLE
Nails: Sn@tch - Nail Candy - Grape
Pose: Apple Spice - Gown Pose 010

Monday, September 24, 2012

Cutie Pie

Today has been one of those days where you just want it over so you can wake up on the right side of the bed tomorrow. So to try and cheer myself up I splurged and bought L$ again to go try and claim some of the stuff from The Arcade that I still wanted, as well as hit up .ploom. for some new hair and Epic for the VIP Gifts that came out this month. Once my brain settled down, and I had spent all the L$ I was allowing myself to (Have to keep a stash for all the pretty cStar Releases), and saw all the adorableness that I had collected I decided to brave pink again and be a cutie pie.

The Varsity Jacket with the adorable Strawberry Cupcake on it called my name from first glance! There was no way I was passing this jacket up, even though it is pink. Since the gatchas at The Arcade all decided that pink was my color this was almost too easy to do. The mouse ears just added to the enchantment, and the "FABULOUS" ring brought a much needed smile to my face. Gotta love how fashion and blogging is the perfect cure to many ailments.

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: cStar Limited - Sayuri - Satin
Eyes: cStar Limited- Unique Eyes - Pink Spectrum
Hair: .ploom. - Wurlie
Ears: [Auxiliary] - Gacha_Mouse Ears (Bow) - Black1 (Available at The Arcade)
Jacket: *Epic* - Kawaii Varsity Jacket - Strawberry Cupcake (VIP Group Gift)
Shirt: ::EmJay:: - Boyfriend Tank - Pink
Pants: .: Somnia :. - Basic Jeans - Black
Ring: (Yummy) - Fabulous Ring (Available at The Arcade)
Hands: Sn@tch - Nail Candy - Baby Pink
Pose: A) Apple Spice - Casual 018 B) Apple Spice - Innosence 001

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Metal Woman

Complaining about boredom and wanting to blog, but having no idea what to wear and the skin I want to blog not being out yet due to illness, made my friend Kaylith go "Here have a song. Style a look to it". Well, Kaylith being the metal head she is handed me this song

and then ran off to play SL Roller Derby and left me alone to work. Doesn't she know my imagination can run away with me when I get inspired? Well here it is the masterpiece I created when she left me to my own devices with background noise.

Why yes, if you listen to and/or read the lyrics you will hear and/or see where almost every bit of this outfit comes from, but it defiantly has my own personal spin to it.

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: cStar Limited - Miss Aries - Satin/Blk Lip
Hair: .DK. - Neopunk
Horns: ~Shitz N Giggles~ - Baby horns (Shop is now called Zombie Suicide, and that is where the link takes you)
Eyes: cStar - Doll Eyes - 06
Makeup 1: }Edge of Sanity{ - Breaking Beautiful - Laced Face (Shop is now called Void, and that is where the link takes you)
Makeup 2: cStar - Lips - 100
Collar: Sn@tch - Spiked Dog Collar
Undershirt: Sn@tch - Torn Fishnet Longsleeve
Top: Sn@tch - Hard Edge Leather Corset - Red
Pants: +DV8+ - Shameless Black Leather Jeans
Belt: Sn@tch - Blow You Away Belt
Bracelets: Sn@tch - The Cruel Cuffs
Hands: Sn@tch - Nail Candy - Black/Red Cross
Pose: Apple Spice - Rockstar 001

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Divine Diner

Today I wandered back around one of my old haunts and found a cute little diner. Since it really was lunch time while I was doing this, I wandered in and sat down at a booth.

While sitting on my bum with my feet up I had some time to think, yes this is dangerous but I did it anyway. A lot has changed for me in the past few months, not just in SL but RL too, so I took some time to reflect back. I've come to see how truly happy I am, despite the ups and downs I have been facing this summer, and I am excited to see where this path I am on takes me. 

Lucky for me right now all roads lead to fashion and I'm going to take the journey in style. Outfitted as ever in a beautiful cStar skin, that I just had to have when I saw the rainbow makeup on it, some cute pumps, and my take no prisoners rainbow attitude I am ready to hit the ground running and meet my future head on with my own personal flair.

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: cStar Limited - Elia Skin - Peach
Hair: Magika - After
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer - Marrakech Heart - Short - Silver
Piercing: Cute Poison - Beauty Destroyed (Part of Fall 2012 Twisted Hunt)
Top: Sn@tch - Sensoria Velvet Corsets - Black
Pants: ::EmJay:: - Capris Ripped- Super Dark
Tattoos: V TATTOO STORE - Sweet Hearts Tattoo - Lighter
Shoes: Cute Poison -Twist'd Heels (Part of Fall 2012 Twisted Hunt)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Surreal Sunset

I was playing around with another of the beautiful skins I acquired last week at the sale cStar had, and to be completely honest I was having a hard time finding anything to go with the makeup and skin tone I had chosen when purchasing this skin. Luckily, the Twisted Hunt brought me back to Vengeful Threads, and as I was wandering around hunting I saw this outfit, and knew I had found a match made of awesome.

The colors on this version of the outfit made the makeup pop, and the browns in it seem to make the skin have a glow about it all its own. Of course the minimal coverage showing off the detail on the chest, stomach, and lower back of this divine skin, as well as the always beautiful face detail, doesn't hurt at all either. I have to say Vengeful Threads outfits with cStar skins might be something more of a reoccurring thing with me after looking around and seeing possible combinations appear before my eyes while I'm window shopping.

And now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: cStar Limited - Naveen - Chestnut
Hair: Magika - Calm
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer - Marrakech Heart - Medium - GOLD
Top: Vengeful Threads - Necro Tie - Aged (Part of Necro Noctum Trio Set)
Pants: Vengeful Threads - Women's Carpe Noctem - Brown Denim (Part of Necro Noctum Trio Set)
Shoes: +DV8+ - One Hundred Years Boots
Hands: Sn@tch - Nail Candy - Plum Wine
Pose: .ploom. - Flirty01 - 6

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Queen of the Damned

Last night I finally got my hunter pants on and did some of the Twisted Hunt and FabFree Hunt along the way. I have gone through the past few Twisted Hunts and done every shop and had lots of fun while pulling my hair out, but this time around I can't seem to sit still at the computer long enough to get any serious hunting in. But I did look at the Twisted Hunt Flickr Group and got a peek at some of the amazing prizes and did go hunting for the ones that went "OHH DRAGON LOOK AT ME! YOU HAVE TO HAVE ME! COME FIND ME!" This falls theme for the Twisted Hunt is Darkness and there are truly some dark and twisted prizes among the spoils.

One of the first prize pictures I saw that caught my eye was this hood with horns. It brings me back to my younger years with the look of the evil queen form Sleeping Beauty, but I decided to take it and make it my own. It helped that I had this beautiful skin from cStar that did most of the work for me but then I went searching through my inventory for the perfect match to play up what I had going. My collection of odds and ends from Snatch didn't disappoint me one little bit! And as usual my ever versatile leather pants from a +DV8+ outfit came in handy to bring it all together and flow into the beautiful hoof heels that Ezura has out for the FabFree hunt. Twisted is as Twisted does and all of the shops in the Twisted Hunt never cease to amaze me with their quality and how versatile all of their stuff is.

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: cStar Limited - Miss Taurus Black 2012 - Beige
Hood/Horns: Death Row Designs - Queen of Darkness - Twisted Hunt Fall 2012 Prize
Eyes: Sn@tch - Illyria Eyes - Blackness
Fangs: [ni.Ju] - Fangs (Free)
Wings: Sn@tch - Bat Wings
Top: Sn@tch - Hard Edge Leather Corset - Red
Pants: +DV8+ - Shameless Black Leather Jeans
Shoes: Ezura - Hoofs Ankle Boots - From FabFree5 Hunt
Hands: Sn@tch - Nail Candy - Blood
Pose: [ Presence ] Industrial Femme - 002

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pretty Pout

So as my last post showed off my new adjustments to my shape, and I have been enjoying this pretty pout of mine and wanted to see what else I could do with it. With the cStar sale having left me with a few new skins and even leaving me a few extra L$ I ran over to Collabor88 to see what called to me. And thus the result.

There was no way I could possibly pass up this dress! Aqua is one of my favorite colors outside of rainbow and it could be played up so many different ways it was an instant buy when it rezzed. Sadly that took awhile, so while I waited on the rez I checked out Seraphim to get a leg up and see what other must haves I could snag before I ran away to let someone else enjoy Collabor88. Thus this beautiful necklace fell into my lap. I am a total sucker for hearts, even after my recent rl heartbreak, and I saw that it came in silver as well as gold and I knew it needed to be mine! And look a hair color other than white, black, white blonde, or a combination of some funky colors on hair this really is a new leaf for me style wise with this pout!

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: <cStar Limited - Miss December 2011 - Bronze
Hair: Magika - Awkward
Eyes: Sn@tch - Gloss Eyes - Medium Turquoise
Glasses: [Under The Couch] - Sparkling Glasses - Black
Lashes: .ploom. - Lashes 1
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer - Marrakech Heart - Short - SILVER (From Collabor88 Event)
Dress: Glam Affair - Suri Deress - Aqua (From Collabor88 Event)
Hands: Sn@tch - Nail Candy - Pewter
Pose: Apple Spice - Pinup 004 - Headshot

Friday, September 7, 2012

My Hot Date

Tonight I roped me a Kaylith and we had a hot date of messing with my shape and my new cStar skin. Yes the skin is actually about a month old, but I had to wait until I had lindens (which happened to be when cStar had another of her awesome 50% off sales that make me buy L$ so I can buy more skins)! While on our date she got to play with her awesome photography skills while I got to blog to my hearts content.

I had way too much fun making this posh sophisticated look. I don't dress high fashion/Coture much but the Marilyn skin called to me to do so. So I edited my shape some and grabbed me a man and decided to make a night of it. I have to say a night of fashion fun makes a really great date for a girl like me. Not only do Kaylith and I make a cute couple, we make a great team too!

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Dragon (Female)
Skin: cStar Limited - Marilyn - Warm Beige
Hair: Magika - Awkward
Eyes: Sn@tch - Gloss Eyes - Dark Brown
Glasses: [Lindsey Warwick] - Sophisticated Glasses Noir
Lashes: .ploom. - Lashes 1
Necklace: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - TEA TIME
Dress: Sn@tch - Inspire Malice - Red
Hands:  Sn@tch - Nail Candy - Blood
Pose: Apple Spice - Fashion Pose 007

Kaylith (Male)
Skin: cStar Limited - Mr August *Special Edition 2010* - Pale
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ - Teeloh - FF2012
Eyes: cStar Limited - Stoner Eyes 16
Glasses: -[Under The Couch]- Reading Glasses - Black
Jacket: Armidi - (m) Classic Pinstripe Blazer - Black
Top: Gisaci - Classic Cashmere Turtleneck - Black
Slacks: Gisaci - Ruvido Slacks - Annerire
Shoes: Armidi Gisaci - Alto Belmiro - Black
Pose: Apple Spice - Casual Male 006

Thursday, September 6, 2012

I Can Be Your Punk Rock Princess

I have to say this post is more than a long while in coming, compared to when I first got this skin and this the first time I am using it in a post. Especially when you consider that this is one of my all time favorite skins I own! (To the point of owning at least one cleavage option of every skin tone that it was released in!) Yes, you can say I'm obsessed, I know I am. Anyways, back the the beauty that is this rainbow skin from cStar! It is fun and flirty and just plain adorable if you ask me! Not to mention when the new stoner eyes came out last week I zeroed in on the fact that #04 matches the skin perfectly! How can any self respecting rainbow whore with a handful of lindens to her name pass them up? More to the point of how I finally got to use this amazing skin in a rainbow whore of a post! I came back form my real life adventures that took up all of Labor Day weekend to have 3 offline messages in some way shape or form telling me that there was a cute rainbow unicorn plushie I MUST GET! Then when I logged on 2 more friends IMed me and said there is something you need to see, and it was of course the plushie I was already on my way to purchase. So grabbed the adorable plush and decided it was time to pull off being adorable. But, I couldn't stop there, I had to give myself an edge too after the trauma of last week before my adventures.

Everything on this outfit just fell together from there. Odds and ends I have purchased over the past year or so fell together perfectly and created sweet sweet music in my head. This lead to Something Corporate's Punk Rock Princess being stuck in my head, and well now I will stick it in yours.

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: cStar Limited - Popsicle - Peach
Hair: *BC322 - EMO princess COLOR - Black With Tiara
Eyes: cStar - Stoner Eyes - 04
Ears: [bubble] - Glowy Elf Ears  - FOTA Hunt Item
Piercings: HOO - "Somewhere over the..." Piercing
Lashes: .ploom. Lashes 1
Top: Sn@tch - Skully Halter - Grape
Corset: Sn@tch - Sookie Denim Corsets - Black
Pants: ..::Beauty Killer::.. - PunkRock Princess Jeans - Rainbow
Tattoo Sleeves: ::Para Designs:: - Skittlez - Black Medium
Stomach Tattoo: [SHIPWRECKED] - Princess Tattoo
Hands: Sn@tch - Punkables Gloves - Black
Plushie: ~silentsparrow~ - (Rainbow) Uni-ee!
Pose: Apple Spice - Cute 006
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