Thursday, October 31, 2013

What's The Sitch?

So awhile ago I was challenged by a few friends to dress up as Kim Possible and I made this look but got distracted and forgot about it in the recesses of my inventory until Halloween came around. So here it is my Halloween costume in all of it's glory!

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: [Pink Fuel] - Harley - Peach - Lid 03 - dkbrow
Hair: Magika - Calm (Tinted to be the right color)
Eyes: .ID. - Brooding - Dark Green
Lashes: .ploom. - Lashes 1
Lips: cStar - Lips Matte 023
Top: -BC- - Turtleneck Sweater - Black
Pants: TonkTastic - Cargo Pants - Unicolor - Female Version
Gloves: [1st Act] - Salute Gloves - Coal
Pose: Apple Spice - Action 002

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Call Me On The Ouija Board

Join us now, take a seat around the Ouija Board. Place your fingers on the planchette, tonight there's going to be a seance! Marvel as the spirits talk to us, share with us their knowledge or even spell to us our doom... Or y'know, you could always just wear this epic cute and stylish Ouija Board necklace from Cute Poison, like my lovely partner in crime Dragon did! Doesn't she look so gorgeous in the candle light?

Well a seance she did indeed while dressed so elegantly, be it on her necklace or on the board. She sat down at her new table from Half Deer that she got from Horrofest, set down the board and planchette, then called out to see what the spirits had to say. What happened was quite the FANGtastic surprise!

With that the lights went out and the candles burned brightly!
Dead boys do what dead boys do, and thank one had new to share. With dead eyes and an evil grin he said that cStar Limited was cooking up something new for the Rockabilly Fashion Fair. There is a sexy female skin with red lips so tantalizing, by the name of Vikki; but there is also fellow there named Johnny Psychobilly. That's right, cStar Limited has released a MALE skin! This fearsome fellow winked a dead eye at her, then took her hand in his own cold, pale one. What else happened that night is not to be told, but let's just say they took a walk in the graveyard... ;)

Now for the credits:
Dragon (Female):
Skin: cStar Limited - Carla 1 - Amber
Hair: -LaViere- - Amanda - JetBlack
Eyes: cStar Limited - Pure Eyes - Rock
Piercing #1: Cute Poison - Stellar Piercing
Earrings: Maxi Gossamer - Kizzy Gypsy Hoops - BLACK TITANIUM
Lashes: .ploom. - Lashes 1
Lips: cStar - Lips Gloss 096
Piercing #2: Cute Poison - Fallen Piercing Face
Necklace: Cute Poison - Ouija Necklace (At the current round of Perfect Wardrobe)
Tattoo: Letis Tattoo - The Time - MM12027
Dress: Sn@tch - Skyler Mini Corset Dress - Pewter
Pose: House of Dragovar - GlamourPose2

Kaylith (Male):
Hair: Dolly Rotten - Girlhawk 2 - Dark (Modified)
Hair Base: cStar Limited - Soft Buzzed Hairbase
Eyes: Clemmm - Fract Eyes - No Pupil
Skin: cStar Limited - Johnny Psychobilly - Baby Shell (Available @ The Rockabilly Fashion Fair)
Tattoo: cStar Limited - Buck Off Sleeves - B&G
Vest: +REDRUM+ Denim Vest Mens - Goth
Pants: +REDRUM+ Scuffed Leather Pants
Boots: Death Row Designs - Worn Combats - Black
Piercings & Necklace: -.HoD.- The Path To Forgiveness
Pose: *PosESion* - Male Model Default 2
Table: +Half-Deer+ - Terror Table - Black/Scribbles (Available @ Horrorfest)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Mistress Of The Night

Horrorfest 2013 is still gong strong and I had to show off some more of my favorite things along with this gorgeous gown before Halloween, because my brain said it just wasn't fair to make it wait until after Halloween. So without further ado as it inches closer to Halloween every minute I present my Mistress of the Night look!

Did I mention I LOVE this gown? It was one of those ones from Sn@tch that you snatch as soon as you can get your hands on it. But of course my height doesn't do my face justice in a full body shot so I had to zoom in on it a bit to show off the rest of the awesomeness which I gathered from Horrorfest.

I have to say it I really love the face detail on this skin from JOLI. And this necklace that Half-Deer came out with for FLF 2 weeks back that is related to her table (not shown because I'm never really good at working furniture into my posts) that she released for Horrorfest makes me giggle! And can you believe the book I'm holding is a freebie?!?!? But you better hurry because it is gone at the end of October! Now to stop rambling and save my breath for another day!

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Headgear: Death Row Designs - Demonwitch Headgear (Available at Horrorfest)
Skin: ::JOLI:: - Nachtmahr Skin - Bloody (Available at Horrorfest)
Eyes: !Chop Shop! - M O N S T E R - Red (Available at Horrorfest)
Lashes: .ploom. - Lashes 1
Mouthchain: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Mouthchain - LITTLE BAT - Black (Available at Horrorfest)
Necklace: +Half-Deer+ - Monster Necklace - Yes I Bite
Dress: Sn@tch - Muerta Gown - Red
Book: ISPACHI - Necronomicon (Free Gift On Marketplace)
Pose: *PosESioN* - Madame 7
Background: PANDEMONIUM - The Inquisition

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Moonlight Densetsu

Wee there is a new group of hunt organizers out and their first hunt just started this week! The Gli Stregatti Crew has started off with an awesome hunt with 2 separate paths to keep the fun coming while you gather all the awesome prizes. The first hunt is the Not The Usual Pumpkin Hunt themed around Halloween but not usual stereotypes. You can find more information about this and future events on their blog. But anyways time for me to show off just a few of the awesome prizes the 9 participating stores have to offer!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Umbrella from Cubic Cherry Kre-ations! And the kitty top was just purrfect. But yet again I am far behind and so I will let the picture do the talking while I get back to work!

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: [Pink Fuel] - Harley - Opaline - Lid 03 - dkbrow
Hair: .ploom. - I Can See Your Halo
Eyes: .ID. - Creature of the Night - Twilight
Eye Make-Up: [Pink Fuel] - Shimmer Eyeshadow - Purple
Lashes: .ploom. - Lashes 1
Lips: [Pink Fuel] - Harley Lipstick - Lilac
Necklace: [tea.s] - Bloody Choker - Purple
Wings: ~# RM Style #~ Wings Butterfly - Resized (Prize on Path One of the NTUPH)
Top: .:FunArt:. - Death City's Witch Cat (Prize on Path Two of the NTUPH)
Skirt: Sn@tch - Boog Leather Mini - Purple
Umbrella: .::C.C. Kre-ations::. - Show Me the Night Umbrella
Nails: =^.^=MyraiStyleStore=^.^= - Nails Skull (Prize on Path One of the NTUPH)
Pose: Embody - F DRIZZLE 4

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Unholy Priestess

So yeah I'm getting a bit piled up on my end with all the things to blog because I love this time of year and might have over filled my plate a bit. So while I hurry up and work out this backlog here have a look that probably should have waited until after some of the backlog but I decided I needed to do it now!

I saw this gown and had to have it! All of the stuff Cute Poison has released recently accented it quit nicely and this pose I stumbled upon at Horrorfest just made the look fall right into place in the Pandemonium Cemetery. Also have to give props to Jasmine of cStar for this skin and helping me edit the pic after SL and I got in a fistfight and I only partially won. She beat SL at its game and fixed what it broke! P.S. The skin is currently available as a free gift with any 500L$ purchase at cStar, Anti-Social, or Apple Spice between October 21st and November 21st 2013. So pull up your transaction logs and if there was something you were debating getting now would be a good time to buy! Here is a link with more info!

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: cStar Limited - Hurricane - Cranberry - Ghost Milk
Hair: Magika - After
Headband: Cute Poison - Lament Headwear - Dark
Eyes: .ID. - Creature of the Night - Burning
Lashes: .ploom. - Lashes 1
Piercing: Cute Poison - Star Crossed Piercings (Special made for me color not yet available)
Dress: Sn@tch - Unholy Gown - Red
Armbands: Sn@tch - Tango Jeweled Latex Gloves Cuffs
Bracelet: Maxi Gossamer - Bridget's Faith Heart - B2
Ring: Cute Poison - Graveyard Ring Dark (Available at Horrorfest)
Nails: Slink - Avatar Enhancement Fingernails WITH A:S:S - Crossed Polish
Pose: UNCERTAIN SMILE - SORCERER 3 (Available at Horrorfest)
Scene: PANDEMONIUM - Cemetery De Morte

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

You And Your Hands

Horrorfest has started! And well A) I was lucky enough to be picked as a blogger for this awesome event. B) Halloween is right around the corner and Horrofest totally has me in the mood! C) I am loving all of the great items the designers have brought out and the fact that at least a portion of sales are going to help the Epilepsy Therapy Project makes this event all the more special. SO anyways there is way too much going on with this event to bring to you in just one post so here is the first of a few that features items form the event as well as other places around the grid right now!

I must say I love what Lokii did with her hands for the event. I saw this and instantly knew I would have to abuse it. And then Vestigum managed to tap into my new tattoo fetish that has started latly and I could not pass up this haunted number. paired with some Halloween theme accessories from the event and a Halloween hunt and BAM! And yes I had cStar help me add to the fierceness with her new skin that is exclusive to the Cosmetic Fair, better run and get it before it's gone!

And yes I have a close up this time because details matter! *Points at the eye make-up that you might have missed.*

And now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: cStar Limited - Raylyn - Lynx (Available at The Cosmetic Fair)
Hair: Clawtooth - Windswept - Black Beauty
Eyes: *The Stringer Mausoleum* - Klown Eyes - Gacha - Rare B - Zombie (Available at Horrorfest)
Lashes: .ploom. - Lashes 1
Piercing: Death Row Designs - Trick or Treat Hunt Prize Mouth Piercing
Necklace: Cute Poison - Horror Necklace - BLACK - Zombie A (Available at Horrorfest)
Outfit: :{MV}: - Grabass Zombie (Available at Horrorfest)
Tattoo: Vestigium - Death's Wisdom (Available at Horrorfest)
Pose: Apple Spice - Walking Pose 006
Scene: PANDEMONIUM - Sim Example Cemetery

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fallen Necromancer

So the Fallen Gods and Goddesses Election has started again at Fallen Gods and again this year with the awesome photography help of the one and only Kaylith Zeurra I have managed to join in again with a pretty epic picture if I do say so myself. So without further ado...

The election only runs one week and there are a ton of awesome entries so please drop by Fallen Gods and vote for your favorites. You can vote once per picture but for as many pictures as you want to!

And now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: +Fallen Gods Inc+ - ESANGUE - Chaos - Blood Lips
Hair: Clawtooth - Windswept - Distinguished
Ears: [Gauze] - High Elf Ear - Jewelry:Bane - Natural 2
Eyes: .ID. - Creature of the Night - Starlight
Outfit: Deviance - Necromancer - Dark Shadow
Pose Prop: (*chanimations - Sourceress SET 6 "Necromancy"

Sweet Pandemonium

It's been an epic busy week, and I've totally lagged on blogging some stuff. I kept thinking and thinking of what I wanted to do with the outfit from :{MV}:, it had such a cute bat.. in RHINESTONES! That threw me off for a bit, but then I realized cStar Limited was about to release a new skin at the Cosmetic Fair. Raylyn, the skin, was a hot seller and I'm glad I got in early! There's some left, but they're still going fast. What I really like about the skin is the fact she has such pronounced eyebrows that bring serious emotion to your avatar's face, like MREOW! Also if you look closely under the eyebrow, the eye makeup is a detailed white design that to me almost looks like a gorgeous lace. To top it off? Look at those juicy lips!

At this point I was still pretty unsure of what direction to take the look. So as I usually do, I turned some music on. A couple songs went by, then Sweet Pandemonium by HIM came on and that sparked an idea. I ran over to PANDEMONIUM (dark structures and builds) and wandered around the sim demo on the ground. While walking through a part in the forest, I thought a chilly night setting would be perfect, so I put on my favorite hair with a cute kitty ear hood, some combat boots and some epic jewelry from Cute Poison. From there I just had fun posing and taking pictures. Speaking of posing, Apple Spice totally has two new pose packs out at the Boho Fair, and they're pretty awesome. She has put out a pack just for us bloggers and a pack of poses that really have body language to them. I've used one pose from each pack in these pictures! Enough rambling though.

Now for the credits:
Hair: Magika - Clumsy
Skin: cStar Limited - Raylyn - Acorn (Get this @ The Cosmetic Fair)
Eyes: The Sugar Garden - Wet Look - Ice Blue
Lashes: Glam Affair - Celebrity - Eyelashes 14
Outfit: :{MV}: Spookshow Candy - Moonbat
Boots: Death Row Designs - Worn Combats - Black
Accessories: Cute Poison - Gamer Necklace
Cute Poison - Fragmented Bracelets - Black
Hands: Slink - Mesh Hands - Elegant & Gesture
Poses: Apple Spice - Sweet Pose 008 (Get this @ The Boho Fair)
Apple Spice - Blogger Pose 010 (Get this @ The Boho Fair)
Location: Pandemonium - Main Store Sim Demo

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Human Error

This post has been a long time coming, and here it is! I've been meaning to do a latex and vinyl clad cybergoth style post. I had not felt any inspiration to do it until Neuro// took me as a blogger. I wanted to do something with their Tight Delight corsets, but I wasn't sure what. The story is the same on the make-up I got from +Nuuna+, the hair from Alice Project and the eyepiece I got from [SonnenKorp]. Then I frickin' realized they all fit together! So I went a little scantily clad and ran around to find the perfect spot for this picture. You know where I ended up? An awesome apartment building by Pandemonium.
I think my favorite thing about this outfit is the optics eyepiece from [SonnenKorp]. It's an unrigged, quality mesh with quality texturing. It's completely modify and scaleable with clean and dirty texture variants. the lenses are separate faces too, so you can tint them to any color as well as change the glow, shininess, etc. In my opinion it's a pretty badass touch to any Scifi, Cyber, or even mechanical type outfit. I wear it all the time with my techpriest look! Enough of my rambling though.

Now for the credits.
Hair: Alice Project - Demonia
Skin: cStar Limited - Veronica - Megan - Cream
Eyes: Repulse - Living Dead Eyes
Lashes: Glam Affair - Celebrity - Eyelashes 10
Make-up: +Nuuna+ - Meta
+Nuuna+ - Zion 2
Eye Optics: [SonnenKorp] - Optical Augmentations
Earrings: Cute Poison - Metaling Earrings - Silver
Pasties: Sinistyle - Electrical Tape Pasties
Corset: Neuro//: - Tight Delight Corset - Vinyl Black
Panties: Dare Designs - Leather Thong - Open v2
Pants: SAKIDE - Zipped Latex Leggings - Black
Hands: Slink - Mesh Hands - Elegant
Pose: - fwee 6
Building: Pandemonium - Ghastly Heights Apartments

Monday, October 14, 2013

A Sweet Little Treat

Sadly right now I am a chick of few words. RL has me by the throat emotionally along with Family visiting and work throwing curveballs so I make pretty pictures to show off the awesome and then have to run right back to RL. But anyway here is my ZOMG Halloween is almost here kawaii pic for the year!

And since this is adorable but details get lost when I do a full body shot I had to do a close-up to show off the cute little details of my look. Like the broom earrings that olive came out with for FLF last week or the adorkable little bat necklace from Atooly that I just had to show off again because it is so cute and versatile.

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: cStar Limited - Belinda - Blush (Available EXCLUSIVELY at the Body Modification Expo)
Hair: Magika - Curious
Ears: c( Two Cats ) - Fantasy Neko Ears
Earrings: .Olive. - the Sweeping Witched Broom Earrings - Gold
Eyes: .ID. - Soulful - Colors - Blush
Lashes: .ploom. - Lashes 1
Necklace: [Atooly] - Little Bat Necklace - Gold
Dress: c( Two Cats ) - The Winky Kitty Pumpkin Dress
Tattoo: Letis Tattoo - Pumpkin Candy - MM932
Candy Apple: c( Two Cats ) -  Candied Apple - Batty Licorice & Cotton Candy - Green
Nails: Sn@tch - Nail Candy - Orangy
Tights: [Atooly] - Halloween Ombre Tights - Orange
Shoes: N-core - CHANCE - Noir Intense
Pose: Apple Spice - Handbag Pose 014

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Lady Death

So it is that time of year when Halloween and Dia de los Muertos takes over 2/3rds of the North American continent and MV came out with a sexy fun avatar that fits the 'season'. This avatar is very limited edition and comes with enough to make it well worth the 1000L$ asking price. Currently sitting at 38 copies left in-world and very limited numbers available on the marketplace you should hurry over and grab yours before you miss out!

So because I don't show off all the bells and whistles this avatar has to offer let me fill you in on what is included in the box of goodies.
    • 5 sizes rigged mesh torn dresses
    • 5 sizes rigged mesh torn dresses (Tango Cut Version)
    • 3 sizes rigged mesh thigh high boots
    • 5 sizes rigged gloves
    • 1 pair of mesh decayed eyes
    • 1 Rosa skull crown
    • Black Death Muertos skins (cleavage and non-cleavage versions)
    • SLink Enhancement Appliers - Hands, Feet, Nails, Toenails
    • Lolas Tango Appliers - Skin, Dress Top
    • System thong (Tintable)
    • All necessary alphas and shoe base (including loose FP copies of alphas for personalized editing or with external programs)

So yeah this is totally worth it and I'm happy to say that I got my hands on one of these very limited edition avatars. Also yes there is a demo at the main store if you want to try it out first before you buy it.

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Avatar: :{MV}: - Flor de Muertos (Skin, Dress, Eyes, Crown, Gloves, Boots)
Hair: Exile - Just a Reason - Natural Fusion 2
Earrings: Maxi Gossamer - Voodoo Rocker - Skull Heart
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer - Voodoo Rocker - Group 2
Tattoo: Letis Tattoo - Pumpkin Candy - MM932
Pose: Apple Spice - Fierce Pose 007
Building: Pandemonium - The Inquisition

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Never Gonna Give You Up

So the Body Modification Expo just started and it got me in a very different mood form what I normally go for in a post. We're no strangers to love. The theme got me thinking of my favorite stores for "body modification" and of course all of them had jumped aboard the Depraved Nation Event. You know the rules and so do I. So thus I had to scramble and collect all of the things on the first day because that's what I do best when I actually have the L$ to go shopping. A full commitment's what I'm thinking of. First I had to run by cStar because LIMITED EDITION SKINS! You wouldn't get this from any other guy. Once I had nabbed the special tone that was released for this skin and not her other recent releases I started to wander around and gather more things. I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling. This landed me at my newly discovered favorite tattoo (at least until cStar gets me all of the tattoos) and the plan started to form. Gotta make you understand. So I grabbed my Kaylith and thus we ran will my idea. Never gonna give you up. And with more piercings and attachments from Cute Poison and a sexy pose from Apple Spice the plans were laid out and thus the result! Never gonna let you down.

I found these gloves last week during the 50L$ black sale on the Mad World and instantly fell in love. Never gonna run around and desert you. Kaylith dug deep and grabbed one of the first things that she ever got to play with to help out at cStar with her epic "WHORE" leggings and I have to agree that they work quite well for the look. Never gonna make you cry. Atooly also caused me to have to rework idea number one when making this look because I absolutely could not pass up these earrings, I love me some hearts. Never gonna say goodbye. Anyways I should stop with my rambles and let you move on from here. Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

And now to give credit where credit is due!

We've known each other for so long
Skin: cStar Limited - Belinda - Moondust (Available EXCLUSIVELY at the Body Modification Expo)
Your heart's been aching but you're too shy to say it
Hair: Exile - Just A Reason - Light Reds
Inside we both know what's been going on
Eyes: .ID. - Soulful - Colors - Blush
We know the game and we're gonna play it
Lashes: .ploom. - Lashes 1
And if you ask me how I'm feeling
Earrings: [Atooly] - Sweet Heart Hoops -Smaller - Black (Available EXCLUSIVELY at the Body Modification Expo)
Don't tell me you're too blind to see
Piercings: Cute Poison - Fallen Piercing - Face
Never gonna give you up
Dress: [Haste] - Cage Dress - Black
Never gonna let you down
Tattoo: Letis Tattoo -  I need you in... - MM12024 (Available at the Body Modification Expo)
Never gonna run around and desert you
Gloves: -Suicidal Unborn!- - Ivy Gloves - BLACK
Never gonna make you cry
Nails: :{MV}: - Can't Kill the Metal Nails

Never gonna say goodbye
Skin: cStar Limited - Belinda - Shine (Available EXCLUSIVELY at the Body Modification Expo)
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you
Hair: Magika - Wait
Never gonna give you up
Headband: Cute Poison - Lament Headwear - Light (Available EXCLUSIVELY at the Body Modification Expo)
Never gonna let you down
Eyes: The Sugar Garden - Realize - Lavendar
Never gonna run around and desert you
Lashes: Glam Affair - REGINA - Eyelashes 04
Never gonna make you cry
Facial Piercings: Cute Poison - Star Crossed Piercings
Never gonna say goodbye
Collar: Cute Poison - Posture Collar - Cross w/ Diamonds
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you
Tattoo: Letis Tattoo - Inermis Little - MM13020 (Available EXCLUSIVELY at the Body Modification Expo)
We've known each other for so long
Bracelets: Cute Poison - Fragmented - B+W
Your heart's been aching but you're too shy to say it
Hands: Slink - Mesh Hands - Gesture & Elegant
Inside we both know what's been going on
Stomach Piercing: Cute Poison - Fallen Piercings
We know the game and we're gonna play it
Leggings: AnTi-Social - Whore Leggings - Velvet

Couples Pose: Apple Spice - Sexy Female Cover - Couples Pose (Available at Total Anarchy)

BTW, You have been Rick-Rolled!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Fragments of Light

Cinch it tighter, cinch the corset tighter! I was recently added as a blogger for {DarkWare}, and I have got to say they won me over fast with their creations. One thing I really love is the usage of torn fishnet over some of my favorite hues of color, in this case, red and grey! Not to mention I love posture collars like this one they have out, so this over the mouth one was frickin' awesome. I also figured it was about time my Tangos made another appearance. The corset comes in Blood Red (shown), Goth Black, Gun Metal Grey, Punked (Black and white with little skulls), and Psycho Pink. The nightmare collar comes in Camo Grey, Camo Pink, Goth Black (shown), and Plaid Red.

Of course though I also wanted to take it off long enough you could see my face. So I swapped out for my favorite Corvus collar so I could show off Cute Poison's recent piercing release. The piercings come in delicious candy colors, but personally I though the red went so perfectly with my eyes and make-up! The piercings have 7 color options and are modfiable unrigged mesh. Not to mention I epic love the exclusive hair Ploom has out for the Candy Fair, it's a playful high ponytail that I just HAD to have and you might too.


Next is my favorite though, shiny new jewelry that makes my black little heart flutter on the wings of a bat. Dripping earring are this dark hearted girl's favorite, and they come in black and white, both bloody of course. Now if you ever want to punch someone (I might have) or just make a statement, this spiked ring is for you. It comes in Gold, Silver, Red and Black (of course). Both the ring and earrings are modifiable unrigged mesh.

Now for the credits.
[ Picture 1 ]:
Hair: .Ploom. - Vanellope - Indecisive Pack (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Skin: cStar Limited - Xandra - Blush
Eyes: The Sugar Garden - Awake - Red
Make-up: cStar Limited - Lips 100 - Matte
Piercings: Cute Poison - Stellar Piecings - Candy Metals
Collar: {DarkWare} - Nightmare Mask - Goth Black
Tank: {DarkWare} - Unforgiven Tank
Corset: {DarkWare} - Unforgiven Corset - Blood Red
Bracelets: Maxi Gossamer - Bridget's Faith Heart
Pants: Sn@Tch - PVC Jeans - Red
Legwarmers/Shoes: {DarkWare} - zombie Boots - Goth Black
Hands: Slink - Mesh Hands - Gesture
Breasts: Lolas - Tango Mesh Breasts
Location: Pandemonium - Unkempt Building
Pose: .Ploom. - Bones 1

[ Picture 2 ]:
Collar: Corvus - Black Fierce Choker

[ Picture 3 ]:
Hair: Exile - Almost Had You - Raven
Skin: cStar Limited - Social Butterfly 3 - Shine
Earrings: Cute Poison - Melting Earrings - Black Halloween Edition
Ring: Cute Poison - Spiked Ring - Black
Pose: Apple Spice - Vintage Pose 001

Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Nice Place To Visit

So tonight a rough bout of depression, that I am still trying to root out the source of, hit me hard right as I was driving home from RL work and I still haven't quite snapped out of it. The good news to that is that the look I was playing with the past couple nights focused into sharp clarity when I got home and I'm been able to help relieve some of the depression through this picture. It says what my words can't say.

I absolutely LOVE this dress from Sn@tch. This probably will not be the last you see of it on this blog because of its awesomeness. Also my SL daddy is opening a new store in world and I have to say I cannot wait for him to start to fill it. Between the corset before, these boots, and his take on a plague doctor mask my inner darkside is doing my creepy maniacal laugh right along side Kaylith and I am sure we are going to enjoy everything my twisted father comes up with along side the rest of you. Okies time for my rambles to stop while I go try and clean the blood off the walls of my padded cell.

Now to give credit where credit is due.

Skin: [Pink Fuel] - Harley - Peach
Hair: Magika - After
Mask: {DarkWare} - Black Death Mask - Pyscho Pink Fishnet
Dress: Sn@tch - Erotica Leather Dress - Wine
Tattoo: Letis Tattoo - The Time - MM12027
Gloves: -Suicidal Unborn!- - Ivy Gloves - BLACK
Nails: Sn@tch - Fingertape - Black/Black Nails
Fishnets: *VEXTRA FASHION* - Fishnet Stockings - Black w/ Suspenders
Boots: {DarkWare} - Zombie Boots - Pyscho Pink
Pose: Apple Spice - Against the Wall Pose 004

Bound By Love

Just gonna say, I think chains are sexy. I've been looking all over Secondlife for facial chains that weren't piercings, mesh and modify. You know where I found them? The Fantasy Gacha event. They're 100% original mesh, put out in Aymee Monk's amazing store, Keystone. I literally squeed when I saw them! There's 3 different styles of chain, each having 8 different colors. There's 2 uncommons per style and 4 rares to collect. I personally got style 3 in silver, and I'm in love! However I sooo plan to play the gacha more before the event ends... Mwuahahaha!
I really wanted to go for a different look this time around. It's very different from what I usually do, but I think it worked well as much as it feels weird!

Now for the Credits.
Hair: LeLutka - Ferah - Marilyn
Eyelids: Slink - Mesh Lids and lashes
Skin: Essences - Lily - Light Rose
Facial Chains: Keystone @ Fantasy Gacha - Catena Corona - Style 3 - Silver
Necklace: Noodles - Key to My Heart - Silver
Hands: Slink - Mesh Hands - Elegant
Pose: Little Bean - Boobies 4 (Store Closed)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

You Are My Sugar Rush

So Candy Fair is about to start! I am so excited I just cant put words to it. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a few blogger copies from the stores I blog for on a regular basis, and if they are any indication of what is to come with this fair we are all gonna be flooding it and coming out with cavities! Time for a sneak-peek of what my sweet-tooth found!

Half-Deer came out with this adorable little birdy and it totally makes me squee! Plus some of the other assorted things she has made since I've been blogging for her went great with the theme Like the Sugar Rush Ears from The Arcade last month and this Whipped Cream Ring form awhile back. cStar never steers me wrong with her skins especially when she makes rainbow make-ups! I have to say I will be fighting with the rest of you for access at Midnight to get my hands on a few more tones of this sexy skin. Don't forget to grab this gift corset either while buying you skins at the fair. I am very partial to this piercing and the fact that I was lucky enough to be able to help Sae with the ad has nothing to do with it! I already loved this piercing set and adding more colorful options to it makes it even more epic! I can't wait to see if this sparks more variety in some of her future releases! And since this picture doesn't do the piercing half the visible justice it deserves, here is the ad to show you all of the awesomeness.

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: cStar Limited - Dulce - Cream (Available at the Candy Fair)
Hair: Exile - Time and Sound - Wild Fusion 2 - Prism w/ Pink
Ears: +Half-Deer+ - Velven Bunny Ears - Sugar Rush
Eyes: .ID. - Soulful - Colors - Blush
Piercings: Cute Poison - Stellar Piercing Candy Metals (Available at the Candy Fair)
Lashes: .ploom. - Lashes 1
Bird: +Half-Deer+ - Ice-Creamaholic Birdy - Sugar Cone - Sherbet (Available at the Candy Fair)
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer - Pink South Sea Pearl - Single Strand
Corset: cStar Limited - Frosting Corset - Candy (Gift available at the Candy Fair)
Tattoo: ::Para Designs:: - Skittlez - Color Light
Bracelets: Maxi Gossamer - Pink South Sea Pearl - All Bracelets
Ring: +Half-Deer+ - Whipped Cream Ring
Nails: Sn@tch - Nail Candy - Baby Pink
Pose: Apple Spice - Sexy Pose 005
Backdrop: Seven Emporium - I Love You More Than Cupcakes (Was part of FLF last week)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hit The Streets

I have to say this is not something I ever expected to come from me, but look here it is...

I had just filled out the notecard for a random SN@TCH gift card that I found in my inventory and sent it to Ivey and she was filling my order and threw in this coat as a bonus stating something along the lines of "Here try this I'm pretty sure you will like it and have fun styling it." First if it was a challenge because sometimes I can rock the leopard print others I can't, and this time I didn't think I was going to be able to. Then I was sitting there going I feel like a pimp I can't be a pimp I have nothing to wear! But this was one of those nope I have to blog this challenge accepted moments and finally after prodding Ivey about her giving my brain problems she hinted at the bra and leather pants. Well from there it finally fell together and because I still look like a hooker/pimp I decided to go give the poor boys at the urban roleplay a hard time by hanging around to take the picture but leaving RLV off so they couldn't have their fun. I had at least 2 guys try to trap me while I was setting up for the picture and had another decide to trap another poor girl right next to me and put on a whole show sound effects and all. Anyways enough of my rambling about my adventures on the wild side.

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: cStar Limited - Xandra - Lynx
Hair: ::Exile:: - The Only Exception - Raven
Earrings: Maxi Gossamer - Handcuffs
Make-Up: cStar - Leopard Print - Black
Eyes: .ID. - Thank You Gift
Lashes: .ploom. - Lashes 1
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer - Handcuffs
Coat: Sn@tch - Didi Fur Jacket - Purple
Bra: [ SAKIDE ] - Rock Me Out Bra - Black /w Lace
Pants: [ SAKIDE ] - Rock Me Out Jeans /w Fishnet
Nails: Sn@tch - Nail Candy - Grape
Shoes: N-core - COQUETTE - Black
Pose: Apple Spice - Walking Pose 006
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