Monday, March 31, 2014

The Dawn's Mysticism

"Look at the whole world around you with glittering eyes, because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it."

cStar Limited has a beautiful skin out for Sexy cStar Saturdays. Flora is a beautiful almond colored tone, appropriately named, with a look of soft tanned skin. She comes in two make-up options, pink and my personal favorite, smokey. To me, she has what strikes as a very Latin look.
I am so in love with this outfit, I really don't want to take it off. Taketomi gave out a group gift and it's a really gorgeous, ridiculously long hair with bunches of color options. Their group is free to join too! I figured it would go great with a gorgeous outfit from Sn@tch, and it so did! Being a belly dancer, I decided to say screw it to wearing shoes and just rock my slink medium feet with a gorgeous blue mani-pedi from Atooly. I had to accessorize too of course, so a beautiful beaded necklace form Maxi Gossamer and a cute and sweet bow from Atooly completed my look.

Now for the credits:
Hair: [Taketomi] - Quele
Skin: cStar Limited - Sexy cStar Saturdays - Flora - Almond - Smokey
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard - Thank You gift
Lashes: Maxi Gossamer - Wild Full Thick Eyelashes
Headband: [Atooly] - The Kenzi Bow Headband - Red
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer - Tarantella Gypsy Necklace
Outfit: Sn@tch - Illora Mixed Mesh Outfit
Hands: Slink - Mesh Hands - Elegant
Nail Appliers: [Atooly] - Bright Matte Set 01
Feet: Slink - Mesh Feet - Medium
Pose: [Atooly] - Fairy Princess Pose 5

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Pretty Little Liar

A pretty face, a mind as sharp as a tack, lips plump, eyes to drown in... but she has a silver snake tongue. Such a pretty little liar!
But seriously though, this look has been on the back-burner for a long while now. I put it together feeling pretty monotone and wanting to go for something chich with just a hint of nerdiness and gothiness. So I grabbed my favorite wire-frame glasses, a cute dress from ColdLogic, some opaque tights (and a fresh mani-pedi) from Atooly, and a pair of wedges from L. Warwick handmade shoes. So with my courier bag from MIEL, I set out to visit a quaint little plaza I knew had a lovely fountain, on a sunny day!

I didn't forget to accessorize either. I've had this cute little collar for a long time but never knew exactly what to do with it until this outfit came along. Don't you just love the little silver spider webs? I thought it went wonderfully with this bird skull tattoo. Not to mention a key and an ankh necklaces to seal the deal!

Now for the credits.
Hair: Truth Hair - Luella
Skin: cStar Limited - Miss February 2012 - Shin
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard - Thank You Gift
Lashes: Maxi Gossamer - Groomed Eyelashes
Tattoo: The Sea Hole - Owl Skull Collarbone Tattoo (No Longer Available)
Dress: coldLogic - Anniversary Gift
Glasses: {Lemon Tea} - Big Wireframe Glasses
Collar: Nantes (By Demi Ellisson) - Creep Collar - Crow
Necklace 1: Maxi Gossamer - Ankh
Necklace 2: Cute Poison - Archaic Necklace
Bracelets: Tres Beau - Petale Bracelets
Nail/Toenail Appliers: Atooly - Dark Nail Set 01
Bag: MIEL - Courier Bag
Tights: Atooly - Plain Tights - Black
Shoes: [L.Warwick] - Platform Wedges - Noir
Hands: Slink - Mesh Hands - Gesture
Feet: Slink - Mesh Feet - Medium
Pose: Apple Spice - Blogger Pose 004

Victim Of Changes

Life brings forth many changes. Some changes are good, some changes are bad. In this case, the aching of a broken heart... or more severely, a heart torn asunder.
This look was heavily inspired by all things dark. I wanted to go for something Gothic but more in the fetish area. It's similar to an older outfit, but I figured a recycle using red would accent this gnarly exposed heart from Lost Haven. It's harder to come by nowadays, but I am sure it's still on lurking around on the marketplace. Mwuahahahah~!!! Just my luck though, I couldn't find a pose I liked for my ideal post spot, so I ended up making one. I won't sell the pose, but more than likely set it out as a freebie at the .Presence. main store. It's a little hard to see, but my platforms actually aren't pristine and shiny. They're Ye Olde Noir, with scratches, scrapes and dust, which are amazing details in my book.

But now for the fun stuff! Cute Poison has some new piercings that are absolutely killer. Animus had three different versions, of which I am wearing version 2. They come in three metal colors, are unrigged mesh, and fully modifiable so you can fit them flawlessly to your shape. If I could sport these in the first life, believe me I would. But if glaring eyes, hard core piercings, moody shade, ink, and a straight up exposed heart aren't enough to express what you're going for, Cute Poison also has tag necklace. With 21 different words to accurately describe nearly any look, it's a must-have necklace. You can clearly see what I was going for! (Cue the evil cackle.) This necklace is also unrigged mesh and fully modifiable for the perfect fit.

Now for the credits.
Hair: LetLutka - Blake - Pitch
Skin: cStar Limited - The Slut 1 - Marble
Make-up: cStar - Lips 100 - Matte
Lashes: Glam Affair - Regina - Eyelashes 04
Eyes: Clemmm - Fract Eyes - No Pupil, just reflections
Glasses: [LW] - Semiframe glasses - Frost Noir (tinted)
Tattoo: Letis Tattoo - Inermis Little
Piercings: Cute Poison - Animus v2
Necklace: Cute Poison - Tagged Necklace - Evil
Bracelets: Cute Poison - Celestial Bracelets
Heart: Lost Haven - Exposure of the Heart
Pasties: -=MY=- Pasties
Top: Neuro//: - Tight Delight Corset - Vinyl Black
Pants: [SAKIDE] - Zipped Latex Leggings - Red - Closed
Shoes: [L.Warwick] - Lucious Platform Heels - Ye Olde Noir
Hands: Slink - Mesh Hands - Gesture
Feet: Slink - Mesh Feet- Medium
Nail Appliers: A:S:S - Slink Nail Appliers - Black Drama
Pose: . Presence . - Leaned Sit - 001 (Freebie)

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Is Blooming

So the pollen is getting to me down here in the south. Thus I have a stuffy nose that is draining down the back of my throat and feel like my head is about to explode so I'm gonna keep this short and sweet.

More adorable antlers and ears from Half-Deer as well as a cute top from the newly re-imagined Devae (Formerly .Rue.). So many colors of this top it was almost hard to pick just one for this shoot.

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: cStar Limited - Bambi - Blush - Pale
Hair: Magika - Never
Antlers/Ears: +Half-Deer+ - Spring Blossom Antlers + Ears - Blush
Lashes: Maxi Gossamer - Eyelashes - Groomed - Medium - BLACK
Eyes: .ID. - Stunning (Special Edition) - Brown
Face Tattoo: +Half-Deer+ - Faun Face v.2 - Type A - Nose 1
Necklace: [tea.s] - Eden's Necklace - Rose
Top: Devae - Threads/Poet Cami - Faded Peach
Pose: .ploom. - Lark - 1

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Star Gazer

So sadly this gem has been sitting around since late last Thursday night ready to go past just being posted on Flickr but RL got the better of me until now. So now time to share what got my creative juices flowing before the wave or RL hit and tried to wash me away!

I think between the horns that Half-Deer has out for The Arcade and the piercings that CutePoison has out that I can't help but use time and time again I may have been a bit starstruck, but hey it works in my favor.

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: [Pink Fuel] - Harley - Opaline W/ pink Shimmer Eyeshadow and Pink Sheer Gloss Make-Up Add-ons
Hair: TRUTH HAIR - Esperanza
Horns: +Half-Deer+ - Aventine Horns - Fantasy (Available at The Arcade)
Lashes: Maxi Gossamer - Eyelashes - Groomed - Medium - BLACK
Eyes: .ID. - Creature of the Night - Starlight
Eye Piercing: Cute Poison - Stellar Piercings
Mouth Piercing: Cute Poison - Animus Piercing v2
Neck Piercing: Cute Poison - Quixotic Piercings
Tattoo: Letis Tattoo - Rasalhague - MM13022
Pose: Apple Spice - Fierce 001

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Welcome To Mystery

So Razor put out this sexy outfit for Seraflims and I spent all yesterday morning until RL called me away caming it from across the sim waiting patiently to buy it and I must say I am loving the way it fits me better than I had anticipated! I *think* I even got materials to work on it, though I can't guarantee I did because my craptop and I were arguing about how high my graphics were the whole time I was trying to get it set up for the shoot. Anyways I look hawt and I want to show it off while I brag on Cute Poison, Razor, and Sn@tch!

ZOMG! Sae made something for her shop that wasn't for an event and I wasn't even cracking the whip at her! She made it while I was sleeping and I only found out about it the next morning! Mixed up with her goodies form The Luck Of The Irish Gacha Fair and dang I have some nice Bling. Oh Sn@tch! Ivey did it again! Making me go back to the basics with make-up layers on top of skins to show off the sexy smokey make-ups she put out for only 50L$ this week (Yes 28 options for only 50L$ it's a STEAL). With all the options I would make sure to go grab them if I were you! Oh and she finally made some nail appliers! She is making me move past my "Nail Candy" days but I can't blame her for the update dragging me away from old school glove layers that never quite fit just right.

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: .Atomic. - Muse - Creme - Eyelid (B) -Black Brow
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ - Laura Mesh Hair - Night shadow (Available at Whore Couture)
Make-Up: Sn@tch - Sinister Gloss Makeup - Pewter
Eyes: .ID. - Deep Eyes - Gray
Eyeliner: cStar Limited - Cat Liner - 008 - Jester Cat
Lashes: Maxi Gossamer - Eyelashes - Groomed - Medium - BLACK
Piercing: Cute Poison - Animus Piercing v2
Necklace 1: Cute Poison - Tagged Necklace - HBIC (Available at The Luck Of The Irish Gacha Fair)
Necklace 2: KOSH - AVAIN NECKLACE - Pewter
Tattoo: Letis Tattoo - The Time - MM12027
Outfit: Razor /// - Rouge Outfit (Available at Serafilms)
Nails: Slink - Avatar Enhancement Fingernails WITH Sn@tch - Nails- Gloss Tips/DARK - Black
Right Ring: Cute Poison - Eden Ring - Black (Available at The Luck Of The Irish Gacha Fair)
Left Ring: Cute Poison - Eden Ring - White (Available at The Luck Of The Irish Gacha Fair)
Pose: .ploom. - Ash - 2

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Witch Gacha Heart

So there may be a few too many gacha events right now that have my scatter brained attention. The arcade was already all month long, The Luck of the Irish just opened up, and then I hear about the one day Witching Hour Gacha event. Needless to say somehow I managed to grab bits and pieces and shove just a small taste of the fun into one outfit!

I had a train of thought with this look but I lost it. Other than yay finally being able to pull off dolly to a point again and all the rings OMG I may now have a ring obsession for a bit....

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: cStar Limited - Miss Janaury 2014 - Amber
Hair: .Olive. - the Flutter Hair - Humble Browns (Available at The Arcade)
Earrings: [Atooly] - Gumball Earrings - Black (Available at Suicide Dollz)
Eyes: .ID. - Soulful - Colors - Blush
Choker: The Little Bat - Familiar Choker - Cat (Available at The Witching Hour Until Midnight)
Tattoo: Goth1c0 - Damned Magick Tattoo (Gift in Mini Hunt @ Goth1c0 related to Twisted Hunt)
Dress: +Blue Blood+ - Demonic Doll - Pink (Available at The Witching Hour Until Midnight)
Right Hand Ring 1: [Atooly] - My Broken Heart Ring - Black (Available at Oneword)
Right Hand Ring 2: Goth1c0 - Fierce Heart Ring w/Spikes Grey - RARE (Available at The Luck Of The Irish Gatcha Event)
Left Hand Ring 1: :Zombie Suicide: - Brains Ring - Pink (Available at The Witching Hour Until Midnight)
Left Hand Ring 2: .::C.C. Kre-ations::. - Rose Ring - Snow (Available at The Luck Of The Irish Gatcha Event)
Nails: Slink - Avatar Enhancement Fingernails WITH Sn@tch - Nails- Gloss Tips/DARK - Wine
Pose: Apple Spice - Casual 018

Lucretia Lost

Sometimes, getting lost is the best thing in the world. I like being a lost girl.

cStar has once against blown me away with the Sexy cStar Saturday skin. This gorgeous undead beauty is called Lucretia, and she come in two tones and eight options! I'm personally wearing Lucretia in Ghost Milk with bloody eyes and mouth. She also comes in Unicorn Ash and has several options as follows: Bloody eyes & mouth, bloody bite, bloodier eyes & mouth, and bloodier bite. She's a little gory as you can see, but I think she's perfect for a vampire or undead in general, really! I love her so much I really just wanted to showcase her beauty, so with but my favorite jewels, I found a wonderful spot by the water to relax. Why don't you come relax with me~?

Now for the credits:
Hair: [LeLutka] - BLAKE
Skin: cStar Limited - Lucretia - Bloody Eyes and Mouth - Ghost Milk
Eyes: cStar Limited - Dead Eyes - Alien Bloodshot
Crown/Choker: Maxi Gossamer - Ananya Teardrop Necklace Set
Face Chain: [Keystone] - Catena Corona [2] - Gold
Mesh Hands: Slink - Mesh Hands - Elegant
Mesh Feet: Slink - Medium Mesh Feet
Pose: by Degra Dockal
Location: Pandemonium

Friday, March 7, 2014

Drama Whore

So Whore Couture Fair has come around again and this year I have a few stores that I blog for invested in it so after much hoopla on my part about why I always get sucked into these events that I would probably never think about on my own I decided that I needed to be a classy whore and do my part to show off the goods. And I must say I can do it quite well without giving in to the temptation to show too much skin.

Though I think the heels went to my head causing me to want to play with more suggestive poses that showed off my assets...

Either way I had more fun with this post than I thought I would as I was handed the helmet and some way too high for me to pretend I could walk in IRL heels and told to WERK. Of course added to the fact that Oneword started up and Tragedy struck my jewelry choices, a Drama Whore emerged form the ashes of where my good girl personality used to stand.

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: .Atomic. - Muse - Creme - Eyelid (B) -Black Brow - Lipset 2-2
Helmet: Goth1c0 - Whore from Hell Helmet (Available at Whore Couture Fair)
Hair: TRUTH HAIR - Ainsley
Eyes: .ID. - Deep Eyes - Gray
Eyeliner: cStar Limited - Cat Liner - 008 - Jester Cat
Lashes: Maxi Gossamer - Eyelashes - Groomed - Medium - BLACK
Necklace & Ring Set: [tea.s] - Drama Mask Jewelry (Available at Oneword)
Tattoo: Letis Tattoo - Aeternus - FULL14002
Corset: Goth1c0 - Leather Bondage Corset
Panties: Razor /// - Vas Micro Shorts - Black
Nails: Slink - Avatar Enhancement Fingernails WITH A:S:S - Crossed Polish
Heels: Cute Poison - Maneater Heels - Spiked - Black (Available at Whore Couture Fair) WITH Slink - AvEnhance Feet Female High
Feet Up Pose: Apple Spice - Suggestive Pose 002
Laying Back Pose: Apple Spice - Fierce Pose 006

Your Lucky Day

So I've had this outfit on the backburner for a while, but it was just missing something for the longest time. I didn't know what it was until Atooly released these KILLER star hoop earrings! they are ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! Plus they come in several colors, so earring for all outfits! <3
I have a weakness for stars... and hey, speaking of stars, cStar Limited has started Sexy cStar Saturdays! What's that you ask? Oh, just every Saturday you can get a killer skin for 100L. It will come in two tones, one a more natural tone and one that's unnatural and possibly WILD!

You can still get the gorgeous skin I'm wearing, Kali, until Saturday. She comes in two tones, Shine which I'm wearing, a gorgeous Drow-like tone called Moon Unicorn. She also has matching eyes, which are very alien-like and just out of this world! Like my rings BTW? They're from Cute Poison for the Oneword Bi-monthly event, TRAGEDY! I flippin love these rings, and they come in silver, which I'm wearing, gold and a gorgeous black. Go grab them, they're high wuality mesh and gorgeously textured!

Now for the credits.
Hair: TRUTH - Storm
Skin: cStar Limited - Kali - Shine (Sexy cStar Saturdays)
Eyes: cStar Limited - Dead Eyes - Alien Reflected
Tattoo: Ink'D Up! - Notorious - Hella Faded
Earrings: Atooly - Haley Star Hoops - Black
Rings: Cute Poison - Bad Luck Rings - Silver
Jacket: Erratic - Tory - Crepped Biker Jacket
Skirt: Corvus - Black Mesh Skirt w/Belt
Boots: Slink - Tall Leather Thigh Boots - Black
Pose 1: Apple Spice - Sweet 007
Pose 2: . Presence . - Minx - 003

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

One With The Universe

It's not too late! Rocket on over to Collab 88 and buy all the things and then go collect all the new Miss March skins from cStar and have a field day like I did with the fun colors and galaxy themed prints! I have to say once I saw the preview for Miss March I new the February round of Collab 88 and the make-up on Miss March were a match from out of this world! Anyways I better not jabber on too long because Collab 88 is about to change to the March round and you don't want to miss your last chance at the February round!

I didn't think I could pull off this "hippie" hair from Truth until I found the right stuff to pair with it and now I might be in love though I can't promise I will be in touch with the universe much. And I dug up the rings that are actually the reason I originally found tea.s. UNICORNS! These adorable rings got me in and the cute stuff has kept me coming back for more over the months since I found them. Again I should stop talking *shoves you out into the universe*

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: cStar Limited - Miss March 2014 - Blush
Hair: Truth Hair - Electra (Available at Collab 88)
Eyes: .ID. - June Gift - Galaxy
Lashes: Maxi Gossamer - Wild Full Thick - BLACK
Piercing: Cute Poison - Stellar Piercing - Candy Metals
Necklace 1: [Atooly] - Little Star Necklace - Blue
Necklace 2: Maxi Gossamer - Necklace - Nova Dream Moon - Long (Available at Collab 88)
Top: [Virtual Nirvana] - Broken In Sweatshirt -  Violet- Infinity (Available at Collab 88)
Pants: [:Mirror's Enigma:] - Megumi (Breeze) Mesh Skinny Jeans
Nails: Slink - Avatar Enhancement Fingernails WITH A:S:S - Unicorn Polish
Rings: [tea.s] - Chewnicorn Ring - Pink and Turquoise
Pose: Apple Spice - Blogger Pose 004
Backdrop: .Olive. - the Forget me Not Bedroom - Dream Catcher Bench RARE

PS cStar and Apple Spice MOVED So click the new links not old ones from older posts.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Behind Every Saint Is A Sinner

So much for getting back on track how I wanted last month. I know not to jinx myself like that now. We managed to cap our internet thanks to marathoning Netflix in three different rooms at the same time during the snow so by the time I had this look almost ready I wasn't allowed on the net to do much of anything but clear messages so now that I have net again time to finish what I started! This look is made from mostly retired goods I think but these pieces are really good examples of the awesome work these creators do so I still feel it is relevant. And if nothing else the emotion behind it is real.

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Hair: Truth Hair - Jade w/Roots - lava
Hoodie: Razor/// - St. Dixon Hoodie - Fem - Hood Down (This was a prize from the Dirty Turkey Hunt awhile back. Not sure if still available.)
Pants: .evolve. - Bloody Jeans -Dirty (These were a Cinema Exclusive)
Hands: SiniStyle - Taped Fist & Black Nails - Full Fist
Pose: Apple Spice - Attitude Pose 011

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