Sunday, March 29, 2015

You Betta Werk

In before Skin Fair closes.... Well here is just one more tone of the awesome Satine Skins that JOLI put out for skin fair. Anyway's even if this skin doesn't make an appearance in her shop I know the tone will with a new make-up sometime soon so definitely take a look. Plus Insufferable Dastard just put out new eyes and I'm in love again. These babies are gorgeous! And then there are my goodies from Uber, this round may not have a theme but it is defiantly worth checking out.

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: ::JOLI:: - Satine Skin - Bare - Tan - Brown Brows WITH Cat Eyeliner (Included)(Available at Skin Fair 2015)
Hair: little bones. - Fame - Landslide (Available at Uber)
Lashes:  * Mon Cheri * - "Falsies"
Eyes: .ID. - Opulent Eyes - Hazel
Necklace: KOSH - AVAIN NECKLACE - Pewter
Top: Foxes - Throw Back and Tied - Grey (Available at Uber)
Pants: Addams - A Brand Cargo Pants for Women - Dark Grey (Available at Uber)
Hand: Slink - AvEnhance Hands Female - Casual WITH A:S:S - Dark Satine Polish
Pose: Apple Spice - Attitude Pose 016 Arms

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Under Petals & Soft Words

"Nature guides me and gives me sight."

With cStar Limited's recent move, the absolutely wonderful artist has released a brand new skin for those of us who love fantasy, pale skin, and pastel colors. This delicate, pink hued fae hybrid with marble eyes is named Elvy and she has a lore of her very own.

"Elvy is a pale fae elf who is connected to nature and at peace with the flowers and trees. Nature keeps her happy and harmonious!  Her closest friends are the creatures of the forest.  She keeps her creative heart close to her skin and enjoys painting pretty and cute flowers on her face.  Her passions are art, yoga, crafting vine jewelry, and archery.  Her immense skills as an archer are what keep her home in the forest safe.  She paints tribal lines on her cheeks from octopus ink.  Though her only weakness is the strong sun during midday.  Her best times are at night.  Her eyes are made of polished marble rocks that were given to her as a gift from a mysterious young man.  She never got his name but he did say one thing to her, "I gift you this...So you may see the world's reflection." Being blind doesn't stop her amazing skills to be a fierce archer as she lets nature speak to her and guide her through the forest." -The Story of Elvy, written by Unico Solo

This skin is so soft and lovely, she reminded me of a painted porcelain faery figurine I often see in magick shops. Looking at her I couldn't help but think of pink petals of a flower, so I found it fitting I would have her resting in the bounty of nature she loves. Finding the right forest was definitely a task, but I did manage to find one that was perfect. Elvy comes in a total of 10 fair tones (Albino, Baby Shell, Dawn, Ghost Milk, Illusive White, Ivory, Light, Marble, Peal, & Snow Panther) and includes four breast options, a pair of marble eyes, and appliers. 

Now for the credits.
Hair: MOON Hair - Isolation - Pastels
Skin: cStar Limited - Elvy - Baby Shell
Eyes: cStar Limited - Marble Eyes - White
Lashes: -Glam Affair- - Celebrity - Eyelashes 10
Ears: *~*Illusions*~* - Sylph Ears
Jewelry: .Keystone. - Anike Jewelry - Silver - Diamond
Pose: Apple Spice - Relaxed Pose 001

Sunday, March 22, 2015


Come on and kiss the girl... She won't tell.

I don't know I had fun with this look but I don't have much to say on this lazy Sunday. Probably just the lazy taking but it speaks volumes. Then again so do those eyes...

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: ::JOLI:: - Satine Skin - Bare - Cream - Brown Brows (Available at Skin Fair 2015)
Hair: ::Exile:: - Give (Available at The Arcade)
Make-Up: Sn@tch - Nefirtiri Eye Makeup - Aqua (Available at Skin Fair 2015)
Lashes:  * Mon Cheri * - "Falsies"
Eyes: .ID. - Charming Eyes - Sky
Outfit: Sn@tch - Covered with Kisses - Teal
Hand: Slink - AvEnhance Hands Female - Gesture WITH Sn@tch Nails - Gloss Tips/DARK
Pose: Apple Spice - Innocence  Pose 008

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Steam and electric.

You can definitely see the bit of steampunk influence happening in this post. Typically, it's not really my thing, but I was lucky enough to get my hands on a pair of completely awesome headphones. They're a collaboration from The Forge for The Secret Affair and are available in an equally awesome gacha. Seriously, every prize in that thing is beautifully made. But man are these things detailed! (If you don't believe me, you can personally view the textured model HERE.)
The skin I'm wearing is another tone of JOLI's beautiful Justine skins paired with a fierce and fabulous makeup from Zibska. The makeup comes in 12 colors to match any ensemble and have TheMeshProject installers included.

Now for the credits.
Hair: Little Bones. - Palmistry
Headphones: The Forge - Head Units - Sky Pirates
Skin: ::JOLI:: - Justine Skin Bare - Rosy
Eyes: {Dead Apples} - Broken Glass - Coffee
Lashes: -Glam Affair- - CELEBRITY - Eyelashes 14
Makeup: Zibska - Macey 01 (Available at Skin Fair 2015)
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer - Necklace - Filigree Oval - 399L$
Dress: Zibska - Tamzen
Hands: Slink - Female Mesh Hands - Casual
Pose: *PosESioN* - Medusa 9

Monday, March 16, 2015

Sweet Rosa

Squee! JOLI made CLEAN SKINS! This has me all of the excite. I love buying skins with make-ups, but some days I just want a clean template to play with some of the more off-the-wall make-ups I find. Others I just don't want to look overly polished or done up. Today falls in the second category. It finally started to play the let's be sunny and warm and pretend spring is on the way where I live IRL and thus my avatar had to wear something fun and springy!

Anyways, JOLI made two different skins in 9 tones a piece and I have to say I am in love with he Satine Skin. Not only did she provide the shape and a ton of appliers for the skins but as testament form what Kaylith and I have done with them they look good on other shapes too! Enough of my ramble just got to Skin Fair and get your own!

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: ::JOLI:: - Satine Skin - Bare - Sunkissed - Red Brows - Clv (Available at Skin Fair 2015)
Hair: .Olive. - the Rosa Hair (Available at IDK)
Lashes:  * Mon Cheri * - "Falsies"
Eyes: .ID. - Charming Eyes - Sage
Top: Sn@tch - Annike Boho Tank - Wine
Hands: Slink - AvEnhance Hands Female - Casual WITH A:S:S - Dark Satine Polish
Shorts: Sn@tch - Sierra Jean Shorts - Faded
Feet: Slink - AvEnhance Feet Female - High WITH A:S:S - Dark Satine Polish
Shoes: {Livalle} - Modig - High Strapped Sandals - Noir
Pose: Apple Spice - Flirty Pose 004

Sunday, March 15, 2015

I Can Do Anything

So I decided to try my hand at something I've seen many bloggers do, but until this point I had never done on the blog. Thanks to participating as a skin fair blogger I received a whole pack of skins from [PXL], having asked for just one and not expecting to be one of the lucky few that got blogger items at all, so I could work with it and show it off I was floored that I was given so many options. Thus I wanted to try something that showed off more of the options than my traditional one at a time. So I took a trick that I have seen bloggers and stores do before but gave it my twist changing up the colors of the rest of what I use with each different shot.

The base avatar is the same for all 4 of my versions, but the make-up and add-ons are different for each. I lost my attention span and groove after completing just the 4 different Pale tone options they have out for skin fair, but you see how versatile these options are in each different picture and the same goes for the other 3 tones they have out. Though I will admit I do enjoy hitting the whole look with all I've got, and making each shot something truly unique is more my style, I may not look past this method in the future as I have in the past when I'm feeling overwhelmed but want to show off all the things!

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: [PXL] - Aeryn - PA  - Makeup 01 - DEB - C2 (Available at Skin Fair 2015)
Add-Ons: [PXL] - Moles - Dark (Included with the above skin - Available at Skin Fair 2015)
Top: Sn@tch - Sia Halter Top - Blue

Skin: [PXL] - Aeryn - PA  - Makeup 02 - LEB - C2 (Available at Skin Fair 2015)
Add-Ons: [PXL] - Face Freckles - Light (Included with the above skin - Available at Skin Fair 2015)
Top: Sn@tch - Sia Halter Top - Grey

Skin: [PXL] - Aeryn - PA - Makeup 03 - MEB - C2 (Available at Skin Fair 2015)
Add-Ons: [PXL] - Moles - Medium (Included with the above skin - Available at Skin Fair 2015)
Top: Sn@tch - Sia Halter Top - Pink

Skin: [PXL] - Aeryn - PA  - Makeup 04 - DEB - C2 (Available at Skin Fair 2015)
Add-Ons: [PXL] - Face Freckles - Medium (Included with the above skin - Available at Skin Fair 2015)
Top: Sn@tch - Sia Halter Top - Purple

Hair: +Spellbound+ - Salome (All colors shown from Chapter III : Magic pack)
Lashes:  * Mon Cheri * - "Falsies"
Eyes: .ID. - Charming Eyes - Gray
Pose: Apple Spice - Makeup Model Pose 009

Friday, March 13, 2015

Out Of The Darkness

So how about the skin fair right? I have totally fallen in love with Soul since rediscovering her work at the fair this year. This time I braved fitting one of the new mesh Kissers to my shape, and as I was thinking it was far too easy with all the tools she provides with the mouths. Not only did I explore her stall at the booth and take in more of the variety, but I wandered back to her shop and found the awesome variety of fantasy ears she has created. I think this set will be my new favorite when I decide to go a little fantasy but I suspect I will be going back for more. Anyways time for the pretty so I can get back to sharing more sexiness form the Skin Fair!

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: .:Soul:. - Davina - (F5) Terra - Toned - FB (Available at Skin Fair 2015)
Hair: TRUTH - Rogue - Messy
Ears: .:Soul:. - Uni Ears - Blix
Eyes: IKON - Deadshine Eyes - Quicksilver
Mouth: .:Soul:. - Kissers - Cupid's Pout - Closed (Available at Skin Fair 2015)
Collar: .Pekka. - Leather Ring Collar v2 - Black
Outfit: *MUKA* - Vix - Black Set
Hands: Slink - AvEnhance Hands Female - Casual
Feet: Slink - AvEnhance Feet Female - High
Pose: //elephante poses// - Temptress #1

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Shut Up & Dance With Me

"Oh don't you dare look back, just keep your eyes on me."

Today has had me dancing and grooving all day, so when Zibska unveiled this rockin' new outfit, makeup, and lashes, I couldn't resist (it seems I'm not the only one in a disco kick). Personally, I noticed a lot of people are apprehensive to use the color green, but I'm not scared of it, in fact I love it! So of course I opted for the bright, gorgeous green color of these fashionable and chic pants. Both the top and pants are HUD driven with 9 color options that flow perfectly together. Zibska is also releasing a bunch of new and beautiful makeups for Skin Fair 2015, each coming in a variety of colors to go with any outfit. I picked out my favorite and decided to pair it with her feathery Flashes Lashes, which come in bottom, top, and full options, all HUD driven with 14 color options. I wore this makeup and lashes with another tone of the beautiful bare Justine skin from JOLI. To finish off the outfit I accessorized with some bright beads, silver metal, and voluminous hair. So come on, let's go back to 1977 and dance the night away, it's a guaranteed way to make you smile. I know I am!

Now for the credits.
Hair: [LeLutka] - BOUFFANT - Naturals
Skin: ::JOLI:: Justine Skin - Bare - Rosy (With Lips #6) (Available at Skin Fair 2015)
Eyes: {Dead Apples} - Broken Glass - Silver
Lashes: Zibska - Flashes Lashes 01
Makeup: Zibska - Macey - 02 (Available at Skin Fair 2015)
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer - Necklace - Tarentella Gypsy Dancer
Top: Zibska - Felice Top
Bottoms: Zibska - Felice Trousers
Bangles: Maxi Gossamer - Bangles - Spiral Jewelled Skulls
Hands: Slink - Female Mesh Hands - Bag
Pose: *PosESioN* - Diosaharu 4

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Autumn Thorn

I'dolen vanim.

It's high time that I broke my Elven love again. Be it D&D, Tolkien, etc. I find elves absolutely beautiful creatures and they typically have equally wonderful lore to match. Elves however have always been a touchy subject for me though, considering the mockery you see of them that typically look like mundane humans with ridiculous ears. Pointed ears does not an elf make. For mine I went with a classic combination of black hair and grey eyes.

Now when I was formulating my elf, it just so happened that I was taken on as a blogger for JOLI's beautiful new products for Skin Fair. Her Justine skin (bare) had such the perfect facial features I could not resist, then seeing it in her vampire tone my jaw dropped- There was the perfect basis for creating an elf. Justine will be available in 9 tones (Alabaster, Bronze, Cafe, Cream, Pale, Rosy, Sunkissed, Tan, & Vampire), each including a variety of makeup layer options and appliers of course! I definitely recommend grabbing Justine at the Skin Fair, for she's a steal of a deal while she's there. Ears were quite the quick hunt, but choosing a befitting adornment was difficult- Until my eyes laid upon Zibska's Bliss set. It's available for We <3 Role-play (March 4-31), coming in 8 colors for the main, accent, and orbit. It's a beautiful set, absolutely perfect for fantasy roleplayers.

Now for the credits.
Hair: +Spellbound+ - Sweet Dreams 2 - Brunettes
Skin: ::JOLI:: - Justine Skin - Bare - Vampire (With Lips #4) (Available at Skin Fair 2015)
Lashes: -Glam Affair- - Regina - Eyelashes 04
Eyes: {Dead apples} - Broken Glass - Silver
Ears: *~*Illusions*~* - Sylph Ears
Jewelry: Zibska - Bliss (Available at We <3 Role-play)
Hands: Slink - Female Mesh Hands - Elegant1 & Relaxed
Pose: *PosESioN* - Diamond 9

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Midnight Snack

Every once in awhile a girl just gets hungry in the middle of the night and needs to catch herself a nice bloody midnight snack...

Anyways! I managed to get into the blogger preview of Skin Fair 2015 and well I have a bunch of goodies to share between now and the 29th when it closes! Unfortunately until the fair opens the LMs are to be kept top secret so you will have to check back here for them sometime on or after the 13th when I get a chance to update, or go ahead and join the group to be part of the masses converging on the 2 sims packed full of awesome the moment it opens! Anyways time to show off the first of my goodies. .:Soul:. has been around since I started SL and I have always coveted her work but never remembered to grab it when I went skin shopping. To this day I still remember her Rainbow Leopard avatar set that I always drooled over but could never manage to collect enough money to buy back in the day when I ran around as a furry most of the time. Anyways back to the here and now and after seeing what she can do now I don't think .:Soul:. will be falling off of my radar anytime soon. Not only did she make a wide range of human tones she also has a set of drow tones and a set of tones that pretty much follows the rainbow, and you know I can't object to that! Today I am showing off one of her pale tones (Cream) with one of her newly released Kissers! Now I was hesitant when I got the kisser because I'm one of those that is resistant to the mesh body parts crazy. I only got the feet because I couldn't find shoes without them for the longest time and the hands because well lets face it the regular avatar hands are just not expressive and I caved because all the pretty nails! Anyways back to this mesh mouth. Granted I used the provided shape that came with it, so I din't try to fit it to my normal shape yet but the included tattoo layer to map it with the grid layer on the mouth itself has me thinking it will be pretty easy once I take the time to try it out on my shape.

And then +Nuuna+ put out make-ups for Skin Fair and well anyone that has paid attention recently has noticed my new found addiction for their make-ups and we all knew I grabbed a few of them.  Alyways I have rambled enough for this post. Be sure to go check out the Skin Fair when it opens on the 13th and drop in to the .:Soul:. shop and the +Nuuna+ shop to pick up these goodies before the fair ends!

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: .:Soul:. - Davina Skin - (H2) Cream - Toned - FB - NoBrow (Available at Skin Fair 2015)
Shape: .:Soul:. - ~2014~Catalina Shape - Small (Slightly modified to fit the dress) (Shape provided in with the Kisser - Available at Skin Fair 2015)
Hair: little bones. - Wasted - Ink Dipped (New Group Gift)
Eyebrows: +Nuuna+ - Tattoo Eyebrows 8
Eye Make-Up: +Nuuna+ - Mya - Black (Available at Skin Fair 2015)
Lashes: .:Soul:. - Davina - Mesh Eyelashes (Provided with the skin - Available at Skin Fair 2015)
Eyes: IKON - Charm Eyes - Crimson
Mouth: .:Soul:. - Kissers - Cupid's Pout - Vampire WITH Vampire Teeth OverLip Bloody (Available at Skin Fair 2015)
Collar: Noodles - Helmsweave Collar - Black (Available at We Love RolePlay)
Dress: Sn@tch - Sara Club Dress - Red
Cuffs: Noodles - Helmsweave Cuffs - Black (Available at We Love RolePlay)
Hands: Slink - AvEnhance Hands Female - Gesture WITH A:S:S - Carmine Polish
Pose: Exposeur  - 3.15 Gift - 3

Hands of Regrowth

The damage has been done, it is time to grow again.

One of the things things I really love about Aii, is the fact she is one of the few creators in Secondlife that creates strange and beautiful things. I'm completely honored to be able to blog and create art with her creations! Seeing as I have an affinity for eyeballs and plants, her Ivy Growth made me squee with absolute delight. The fact that she had matching animated mesh eyes made it even better! This strange and lovely ivy growth comes in four colors (Pink, Gold, Violet, & Red), a glowing version using a subtle light, and animated eyes in the flowers. The pasties are unrigged mesh while the facial/neck piece is rigged mesh. Her Youkai animated mesh eyes feature a pulsing pupil, a glow option and come in seven colors (Crimson, Gold, Green, Ice, Pinku, Purple, & Teal). the multitude of extra arms are also from Aii, and are rigged mesh with single pair options and UV maps included, so you can retexture them to match perfectly.

Now this skin is a recent release from cStar Limited, her name being Angie. She's a fresh and lovely face with little makeup, a soft beautiful body with fine details, and uniquely colored features on each skin tone. Oh also, she comes in 140 (Yes, one hundred and forty) skin tones! She currently is available in gacha to play, but there is a reseller vendor you can look through to see if someone sold back your desired tone. If not, you can always trade with other cStar fanatics.

Now for the credits:
Hair: MOON Hair - Eternal Winter
Skin: cStar Limited - Angie - Albino
Eyes: +Aii+ - Youkai Pulse Eyes - Pinku
Lashes: -Glam Affair- Regina - Eyelashes 04
Ivy: +Aii+ - Ivy Eye Growth
Arms: +Aii+ - Kali Extra Arms
Hands: Slink - Female Mesh Hands - Mouse
Pose: *PosESioN* - Goddess 2

Saturday, March 7, 2015

A Rose By Any Other Name

Probably wouldn't have as many thorns, but I'm pretty sure it just wouldn't be the same thing. Anyways I know I seem to have a rose thing going on lately but you can blame the creators for that because for the past 2 months roses have been like the flower to appear on all the things. But this post started being plotted back before Valentines day when Jaimy leaked the preview for these shoes and I already knew then I had to have them. And I have to say this is one of those times where "Good things come to those who wait" defiantly applies.

As soon as I saw the final advertisement (which I totally had to post too because it is a work of art in itself - Go Fave the Picture on Flickr) I was floored, and thus I spent the free time I had opening day of Whore Couture spamming to teleport into the sim just to buy the shoes and the body jewelry. Of course RL had other things to say by the time I got in and could start styling it but hey again good things come to those who wait...

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: Glam Affair - Lauren skin - Asia 05
Hair: TRUTH HAIR - Nathalia
Eyes: .ID. - Charming Eyes - Gray
Lashes:  * Mon Cheri * - "Falsies"
Necklace: Cute Poison - Firstborn Choker
Outfit: -Death Row Designs- Ravishing Roses - Body Jewelry - Black RedRoses (Available at Whore Couture 4)
Hands: Slink - AvEnhance Hands Female - Gesture WITH A:S:S - Carmine Polish
Feet: Slink - AvEnhance Feet Female - Mid
Heels: -Death Row Designs- Ravishing Roses - Black Heels - Black RedRoses (Available at Whore Couture 4)
Pose Prop: //elephante poses// - All Or Nothing - Pose 10
Taken at The Ball of Debauchery

Freshwater Pearl

The theme for Uber this round is Bohemian, which kinda made me have a sad just because that is one style that I don't really find appealing so I find it exceedingly hard to pull off. But the hair that Olive put out called to me and I had to try. The beads in the hair reminded me of pearls, even more so when I wandered through We Love Roleplay and found this beautiful mermaid outfit from Noodles. Thus landing this fish out of water on dry land.

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: cStar Limited - Judy - Cream
Hair: .Olive. - the Willow Hair (Available at Uber)
Eyes: .ID. - Spring Cosmopolitan - Indigo (Available at Cosmopolitan Sales Room)
Lashes:  * Mon Cheri * - "Falsies"
Top: Noodles - Melody Bra Black (Available at We Love RolePlay)
Skirt: Noodles - Melody Skirt Black (Available at We Love RolePlay)
Hands: Slink - AvEnhance Hands Female - Casual WITH A:S:S - Black On Black Polish
Pose Prop: Exposeur - Narrow Dark Alley

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Under Her Spell

Thanks to the dark arts themed Genre this time round when I saw this new "spring" hair from Olive my mind twisted it just a wee bit... That may also have to do with the fact that the Spring Twisted Hunt is starting but that is neither here nor there for this post. Anyways, while I still haven't actually been able to get into the Arcade thanks to my inability to be online during non-peak hours, the Olive hairs I got my mitts on are quite adorable and the amount of color options make it very versatile!

And we can't forget the Sn@tch! I don't know what magic dust she puts on her tutus that makes me actually like them but whatever it is it's working because I just could not pass this outfit up.

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: cStar Limited - Jane - Cream
Hair: .Olive. - the Daisy Hair - Bubble Goth (Available at The Arcade)
Eyebrows: +Nuuna+ - Tattoo Eyebrows 8
Eye Make-Up: +Nuuna+ - Ali Black
Eyes: IKON - Charm Eyes - Black
Lip Make-Up: Clemmm - Charred Lips
Earrings: Sn@tch - Spellcraft Earring (Gift at Genre)
Lashes:  * Mon Cheri * - "Falsies"
Outfit: Sn@tch - Cursed Ballerina (Available at Genre)
Hands: Slink - AvEnhance Hands Female - Casual WITH A:S:S - Black on Black Polish
Pose: //elephante poses// - Royal #6

Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Different Kind of A'Peel

Peel slowly and see.

Secondlife allows for creative souls to bring their art to life in a 3D medium, and that is exactly what the artist behind Zibska does. Being an artist myself, I completely adore what she creates, including the design of her store building. Recently she had a call for editorial photographers to work with her creations and I felt honored that I was one of the chosen! One of the first designs I laid my eyes on was this dress and it immediately inspired me. When I first laid my eyes on it, it felt familiar for some reason I couldn't quite put my finger on. To my pleasant surprise, I found out that the inspiration behind it was Andy Warhol's cover for the Velvet Underground's first release! So naturally I had pulled out the first two discs of my box set to listen to while I was styling and setting up for the photo.

Now for the credits.
Hair: *Argrace* - Haruka - Midnight
Skin: Retired ::JOLI:: skin.
Eyes: {Dead Apples} - Broken Glass - Coffee
Makeup: +Nuuna+ - Zion 2 - Yellow
Lipstick: -Glam Affair- - Leah Lipstick 22
Outfit: Zibska - Warhol Inspired Peel
Hands: Slink - Female Mesh Hands - Mouse
Feet: Slink - Female Mesh Feet - High
Pose: *PosESioN* - Wicca 10
Location: Art by Lars Underby
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