Saturday, April 30, 2016

Underneath The Water

So between packing for another move IRL and other distractions I almost missed getting this post out before the events finished, but I didn't and you need to stop what you are doing and run to We <3 Role-Play and the Fantasy Faire TODAY before they close. Especially Fantasy Faire since there are many Faire Exclusives you wont be able to get once the fair closes and I'm only showing off a couple that got my attention right away. Soul got my attention with the bright colors and it was hard to choose just one, but in the end I settled on this beautiful teal limited edition that had the entire proceeds going to Relay For Life. After that I had to figure out how not to cover up the gorgeous markings all over the beautiful skin, while still keeping to my self imposed coverage I keep on my blog and I lucked out again while wandering the Faire. Storybook came out with tentacles that fit the bill and  happened to be colorful enough to match and point my attention to the water. So enough of my rambles let me show you where Fantasy Faire put my creativity...

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: .:Soul:. - Gen2 F - Ranitomeya - [F6] - SE (Available at Fantasy Faire)
Tendrils: .:Soul:. - Naikkim Head Tendrils - Double (Available at We <3 Role-Play)
Eyes: IKON - Immortal Eyes - Nymph
Ears: .:Soul:. - Uni Ears - Mer Long
Mouth: .:Soul:. - Kissers - Doll - Orc
Body: Maitreya - Mesh Body - Lara WITH Hands and Feet
Tentacles: Storybook - Chasm - Huntar (Available at Fantasy Faire)
Pose: //elephante poses// - Girl and The Sea - #6
Location: Photo Location: Mysts of Eyr

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Blow You Away

So I was getting a totally Andy Warhol Pop Art vibe when I saw this new Tank Top set from Sn@tch and well I just had to play with it. I have to say I think my creation is freaking ADORABLE and I can't hardly stand to take it off. I think the hardest part was choosing which color tank to pick, but the PANK lips from Zibska made it for me demanding pink be the accent color and allowing blue to do the heavy lifting. Any which way most of my inspiration came form new items at The 100 Block so go check it out, and don't forget to cast your vote in the photo contest while you are there!

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: ::JOLI:: - Giselle '16 Skin - Bare - Sunkissed - NB
Hair: Moon. Hair // - Neon
Lashes:  * Mon Cheri * - "Falsies"
Eyebrows: Nuuna - Eyebrows 9
Eye Make-Up: Zibska - Claudette 07 (Available at The 100 Block)
Eyes: {Dead Apples} - Marble Eyes - Electric
Freckles: [Stellar] - Rainbow Freckles
Mouth: .:Soul:. - Kissers - Doll - Open
Lips: Zibska - Ultrav 02 (Available at The 100 Block)
Gum: [Pink Fuel] - Yum Bubblegum!
Body: Maitreya - Mesh Body - Lara
Outfit: Sn@tch - Atom Bomb Baby Tank - Blue (Available at The 100 Block)
Bracelets: [ bubble ] - Chevron Bracelets - All In One (Available at The 100 Block)
Hands: Slink - AvEnhance Hands Female - Casual WITH Sn@tch Nails - Matte Tips/NEON
Socks: Sn@tch - Firework Socks - Blue
Shoes: Sn@tch - All-Star Platform Boots
Pose: Custom

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Know Where

One of the things I love about Titzuki and Boys To The Bone is that their color palettes are seriously amazing, and their products mix well together. Titzuki released their Harang skirt for Epicene! It comes in 5 colors and is in two pieces, so you can mix and match as I did. It's rigged mesh with materials, and 4 sizes each for men and women. Boys To The Bone released this long sleeve crop for The Project Se7en. They too come in five colors, but each includes a patch HUD with 5 options. As for sizing there are 3 male sizes, 2 female sizes, and 1 femboy size. Both of these items together made for my new favorite combo! I went with a straight bang cut from Little Bones, using the dual tone option with two different color packs. As for makeup I went with black lips from Zibska and a bold eye-stripe form Nuuna. I felt that accentuating this outfit with a flower crown and a collar was appropriate, then finished it off with making a pose to flow with my vibe.

Now for the credits.
Hair: Little Bones - Mint - Blondes & Pastels (Avilable @ Uber)
Skin: JOLI - Giselle '16 Skin - Bare - Cream
Eyes: Dead Apples - Phantom Eyes - Raven
Lashes: Mon Cheri - Falsies
Makeup: Nuuna - Azen Makeup - Black
Lipstick: Zibska - Sable - 15 (Available @ The 100 Block)
Crown: Zibska - Roos (Available @ We Love Roleplay)
Collar: Insanya - Gacha Collar - 14 Skull/Black - RARE
Top: Boys To The Bone - Anomaly Crop - Black (Available @ The Project Se7en)
Skirt: Titzuki - Harang Skirt - Black & Peach (Available @ Epicene)
Pose: Custom.

Twist Of Shadows

So The 100 Block is doing their yearly photo contest and I just had to enter again especially after having seen some of the goodies that the designers had put out as exclusives. So go run around the sim and check out all the exclusives the many designers have out and be sure to drop by the photo contest area and cast your vote for your favorite picture using items from the event.

Now to give credit where credit is due!
Skin: ::JOLI:: - Giselle '16 Skin - Bare - Alabaster - DkB - Clv
Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ - Faux Dreads - The End WITH ~Tableau Vivant~ - Shortcut Hairbase - Dark
Horn: [The Forge] - Unicorn Facechains - Black (gem at ear modified to be grey) (Available at The 100 Block)
Lashes:  *Mon Cheri* - "Falsies"
Eye Make-Up 1: Zibska - Shir 01 (Available at The 100 Block)
Eye Make-Up 2: Sn@tch - Marine Winged Shadow - Liner Only
Eyes: IKON - Sovereign Eyes - Black
Lips: Zibska - Sable 15 (Available at The 100 Block)
Collar: [The Forge] - Studded Collar - Black
Body: Maitreya - Mesh Body - Lara
Tattoo: Letis Tattoo - Aeternus
Top: Sn@tch - Lust Leather Bustier - Black
Harnesses: Razor/// - Guardian Chest & Leg Harness - Black (Available at The 100 Block)
Pants: Sn@tch - Make a Splash - Black
Gloves: Razor/// - Gage Gloves - Black
Hands: Slink - AvEnhance Hands Female - Casual WITH A:S:S - Black On Black
Rings: Cute Poison - Occult Rings Black (modified only one ring shown) (Available at The 100 Block)
Shoes: Razor /// - Velocity Heels - Black
Feet: Slink - AvEnhance Feet Female - High WITH A:S:S - Black On Black
Pose: Custom
Taken at Blithe

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Weeds bloom too.

Did I ever mention I love green? Because I do. If it wouldn't annoy everyone enjoying my stream, I would do a lot more. This dress from Zibska caught my eye and lead to a style that came together quite quickly. The boots and hair came quickly, which by the way I love the hell out of this bob and the ability to have it two tone! Makeup came next with a gorgeous new lipstick from Zibska and one of her eyeshadows, both currently at The 100 Block. She offers a fatpack option to get all of the makeup she has out in one swoop, with a nice saving. Now the eyebrows are not actually two toned, I photoshopped one to convey a point in my work, but those are tattoo eyebrows from TSG that come in handy. I'm unsure if they're still available! Then of course, because I am a freak, I had to have my demon paint, a black choker, and green goat eyes. To finish it off, I had to have a pose as equally odd.

Now for the credits.
Hair: Little Bones - Sita I - B&W (Available @ Collabor 88)
Skin: JOLI - Giselle '16 Skin - Bare - Cream
Eyes: No longer available.
Eyebrows: The Sugar Garden - Tintable Brows - Alena
Eyelashes: Mon Cheri - Falsies
Eyeshadow: Zibska - Shir - 04 (Available @ The 100 Block)
Eyeliner: cStar Limited - Cat Liner - 001 - Serious
Lipstick: Zibska - Sable - 08 (Available @ The 100 Block)
Choker: Wound - Ribbion Choker - Natural
Dress+Extra Tidbits: Zibska - Wallis Dress
Paint: Titzuki - Demon Hands & Feet Paint
Boots: Zibska - Bergjlot
Hands: Slink - Avatar Enhance Hands Female - Elegant
Pose: Custom.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Azure Amalgamation

We are all connected.

I've had this jewelry set for some time and have been meaning to blog it, but I just didn't get around to it. now that I've taken a step back from many of my sponsors, I can focus solidly on that which inspires me. This lovely set from Finesmith did just that! Galactic comes with a headpiece (not shown), a tiara, a necklace, earrings, and a ring. I decided to keep the style simple... super simple, by doing an artistic nude. I used this gorgeous long style from Little Bones in her Gossamer pack, which are gorgeous pastels with dark roots. They matched perfectly! As for makeup, I went with soft, shimmery makeup from Zibska, eyeliner from cStar, and nails from A:S:S. Noteably the eyeshadow from Zibska is included in the makeup fatpack she has out for The 100 Block. You can get all of the makeup she has out in one fatpack, for a deal! To give emotion to the style, I used some tintable tattoo eyebrows. I couldn't find any poses weird enough for the concept in my head, so I made my own.

Hair: Little Bones - Orchid - Gossamer
Skin: JOLI - Giselle '16 Skin - Bare - Cream
Eyebrows: The Sugar Garden - Tintable Brows - Innocent
Eyes: Dark Diva - i01 Eye Set - Blind
Lashes: Mon Cheri - Falsies
Eyeshadow: Zibska - Fina - 01 (Available @ The 100 block)
Eyeliner: cStar Limited - Cat Liner - 001 - Serious
Lipstick: Zibska - Plais - 16
Jewelry: Finesmith - Galactic - Silver/Aqua
Nails: A:S:S - Precious 2
Hands: Slink - Avatar Enhance Hands Female - Relaxed & Flat
Body: Maitreya - Mesh Body - Lara
Feet: Slink - Avatar Enhance Feet Female - Flat
Pose: Custom.

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