Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sexy Cyber Demon

I have totally found a new love in SL and that is cStar skins! These amazing skins have some of the most outrageous makeups on the grid and I think that is what draws me to them like a moth to a flame. Most of what cStar puts out are limited edition skins that only a handful of are released and then once they are gone they are gone unless someone trades with you or sells them back to cStar to get put on the auction block.

Recently I had to save up and do some bartering to get the beautiful tone in the much sought after Subdued tone. But I do believe it was well worth it!

Then more recently I started blogging for +Cyrious+ and when looking through her stuff I fell in love with her Bound Demon set that was released at the beginning of the year. This combination fell into my lap and I think I'm totally in love. The demon set has color change parts so it was easy to adjust it from the default red to flow nicely with the teal eye shadow on this amazing skin.

Sadly the Subdued tone is already sold out as are 3 more of the 7 tones it was originally available in but there are still a couple of the Cedar Beige, La Paloma, and Demon Red left for sale on the table as I type this, however seeing as they are limited skins I don't expect them to last long!

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: cStar - Kiryn - Subdued
Demon Parts: +Cyrious+ - Bound Demon Set
Hair: .ploom. - Iris - Ash
Lashes: .ploom. - Lashes 1
Outfit: *League* - Duct Tape Set -Black
Throne: {Roawenwood} Throne of the Unseelie [Twisted Hunt Fall Giftie 2011]


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