Monday, December 31, 2012

A Glittery New Year

2013 is almost upon me and thinking back to this year a lot has changed and my SL is almost nothing like it was when 2012 started. At the beginning I was a +DV8+ Live Model, a +DV8+ Dreadnought, a SLRDA Referee, a Mall Manager, a Shop owner. As the year went on I let go of being a derby girl then refereeing as well. +DV8+ closed it's doors and my Modeling and Mall Managing went with it. I decided I wasn't up to being a shop owner at this stage in SL and packed it up to play with later. Though the new year isn't all about what I've lost, I've gained a lot as well. I'm newly managing the Dare Designs Models that will be starting with the new year, I'm now blogging my heart out and enjoying every minute of the challenges that comes with styling for a blog using things I picked up when modeling and adding them to the tricks I learn on the way. I've lost friends, I've gained enemies, I've made better friends, and I've learned form all of this along the way.

So with all that being said I realized today I wanted to make a post to help remember the past year and bring in the new one with some sparkle to remind myself of the promising new year ahead and to show how far I've come (at least with my blogging and styling) so far.

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: cStar Limited - Winter Glam - Apricot
Hair: .ploom. - Nicola
Tiara: Noodles - Whole New World Tiara Silver/Diamond (Available at The Arcade)
Lashes: .ploom. - Lashes 1
Eyes: cStar - Doll Eyes - 06
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer - Necklace - Jewelled Love
Dress: Erratic - Abby Cowl Neck Dress - Glitter Silver
Nails: Izzie's - Long Metallic Nails - Frostbite Color Pack (Available at Collabor88)
Shoes: N-core - COQUETTE Glitter Edition - Silver
Photo Box: W. Winx - WinxBox - Countdown (Available at My Attic until midnight tonight only)

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Colorfully Pointed

This is one of those looks that started off as a styling challenge from a friend *coughsJasminecoughs* that I originally wasn't overly thrilled with, (of course that may be because she gave me a 30 minute time limit that I stuck to and managed to forget about any sort of accessories because I was in panic mode) but now that I have looked back and sat down and played with the look again with come new stuff I have acquired since then and added in the accessories that I forgot the first time as a result I have found a colorful fun look that I absolutely adore.

I totally LOVE both of these rainbow horn sets! I really need to find a good rainbow unicorn horn for my "UniCat" look but these horns totally make me wish unicorns had more than one horn! (Yes the new horns from Kre-ations come in a rainbow tone that is totally my fault, but hey I don't mind being blamed for rainbows and I love Kreo for naming them for me as well as making them.) Also I need help convincing Sae that she should really get this corset out to the public. I adore it and the detail on it is amazing. It is very good quality and well RAINBOW!!

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: cStar Limited - Popsicle - Ivory
Hair: .ploom. - Mila
Horns 1: lassitude & ennui - Slightly monstrous horns - light / rainbow
Horns 2: .::Kre-ations::. - Rainbow Fashionista Horns (Why yes I was told these were my fault)
Lashes: .ploom. - Lashes 1
Ears: [][]Trap[][] [ni.Ju] - Gelf Ears Low Pierced
Piercing: HOO - "Somewhere over the..." Piercing
Necklace: Cute Poison - Dreamstone Necklace
Corset: Cute Poison - Pride Corset (Unreleased but trying to convince Sae and it may be released eventually with a different name)
Skirt: Happy Undead - Mini Skirt - Vinyl Black
Nails: :Zombie Suicide: - Black Nails with Rainbow Tips
Rings: :Zombie Suicide: - Rainbow Ring 
Bracelet: Maxi Gossamer - Bracelet - Voodoo Rocker - Cross
Hooves: *Epic* - Basic Faun Legs - Snow
Pose: Apple Spice - Attitude Pose 003

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Is For Cookies

So I've been busy IRL for the past month (blame my sister I've been her slave), and thus kinda let my blogging slack off some, but I promised myself I would get a pretty Christmas look together and totally got it all together by Christmas Eve; so YAY ME! Well here it is!

So first of cStar has stuck again with this beautiful skin for F R O S T Fair, and at half price and limited to the event and not to just 2 of each tone I managed to snag at least 3 tones of this skin and it makes me happy! Then I saw SAKIDE across the way and the dresses called my name and I knew I had half of my look. After hitting up Collabor88 and finding the boots and nails I knew I was having a good shopping week.

Not to mention Halogen of Half-Deer reading my mind and coming out with these awesome antlers as a group gift, and Rose of .Olive. and her fun Christmas Cookie trays of win I knew I had a fun Christmas look to share!

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: cStar Limited - Ornament - Vintage (For F R O S T Fair)
Hair: *Alice Project* - Mandi - Christmas Natural Red (Advent Gift Day 7)
Antlers: +Half-Deer+ - Fawn Antlers - Xmas 2012 (New Group Gift)
Lashes: .ploom. - Lashes 1
Eyes: .Insufferable Dastards. - Brooding Eyes - Dark Green
Necklace: Noodles - Caged Prism Necklace Silver/AB
Dress: [ SAKIDE ] - Ornament Dress Red (For F R O S T Fair)
Nails: Izzie's - Long Metallic Nails (Frostbite for Collabor88)
Boots: Schadenfreude - Leith Boots - Pitch (For Collabor88)
Pose Prop: .Olive. - the Oh Oh So Yummy Cookie Tray

Friday, December 21, 2012

The End Of The World... (Kinda)

Well the world was suppose to end today (at least according to the Mayans or something) and it didn't so you have until the 30th to check out the End of the World Fair! There are a bunch of awesome designers there with plenty of awesome items and exclusive to the fair items for you to get your hands on! Here is just a few of the goodies I found.

I love all things Cute Poison and well the dress and necklace just called my name. The shape that is available at FROSTING!! was just to cute to pass up even if it is shorter than I'm used to. Also, LEGGINGS! I love the oil mixed color look on these leggings form SD Works and the fact that they matched the dress just made me all the happier! Zombie Suicide recently came out with these boots, and while they aren't part of the EOTW Fair they have that combat boot feel that totally helped complete the look. Also .ploom. is spoiling us all with their 12 days of Christmas Specials. Totally worth a look with a newly released hairs at nice discounted prices every day until Christmas, and poses too!

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: MONS - Exclusive Sunny Skin -light brow-soft makeup- light tone V1 (Only available at TDR Fusion Last Round)
Makeup: MONS / Makeups - Sunny Smoke Eyeshadow - Pink (Only available at TDR Fusion Last Round)
Hair: .ploom. - Dawn - Dipped 2
Shape: FROSTING!! - Angelica (Available at EOTW Fair)
Lashes: .ploom. - Lashes 1
Eyes: [ni.Ju] - Depth Eyes - Ocean
Necklace: Cute Poison - Deathstone Necklace B (Available at EOTW Fair)
Dress: Cute Poison - Gemini Dress B (Available at EOTW Fair)
Leggings: SD Wears - Obsequious Oil Leggings (Available at EOTW Fair)
Nails: Sn@tch - Nail Candy - Pewter
Boots: :Zombie Suicide: - Tsusime Boots - Black
Pose: Apple Spice - Cute 011

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Frosty Winter

Atooly Hunts is putting on another great hunt right now with a Winter/Christmas theme. I am one of the lucky bloggers for this great set of designers and their awesome hunt freebies so now I shall present the Hunting for Winter Hunt!

This hunt was slightly different from the Falling into the Season Hunt, because there were 2 color swatches that the participating stores could use. The stores could use a Christmas themed swatch or just a general winter themed swatch to make their goodies and there is a good mix in the prizes.

But now it is time for me to give you a small peek at the goodies before sending you off to the blog to see more or just to go start the hunt since it is a FREE HUNT!

I had to make a complete look out of all this awesomeness and the more wintry blue stuff was calling to me so I made myself into a frost queen, and set myself as a pin up in the quaint little house that is one of the hunt gifties.

I loved the art on the walls of the house and had to stick with the antlered theme once I saw the jewelry in the hunt too. Also you should totally click over to my Flickr and zoom in to the details on the under-eye makeup and the ring (It matches the necklace pendant), because the details on them are amazing or just go find them in the hunt yourself!

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: cStar Limited - Ornament - Marble 1 (Available at the Winter Fair)
Hair: Magika - Rhyme
Antlers: +Half-Deer+ - Fawn Antlers - Snowcone
Lashes: **NOYA** - Lash ARCHITECT Eye Lashes with round Diamonds
Eyes: [ni.Ju] - Winter Depth Eyes - Arctic (Exclusive for Frost Fair 2012)
Makeup: +Half-Deer+ - Winter Nights Under Eyeshadow (Prize in the Hunting for Winter Hunt)
Necklace: ::Sweet Leonard:: - My beloved Deer - Necklace (Prize in the Hunting for Winter Hunt)
Bra: [Insatiable Fashions] - Lace Seduction - Frost (Prize in the Hunting for Winter Hunt)
Panties: [Insatiable Fashions] - Basic - Black (Prize in the Hunting for Winter Hunt)
Rings: ::Sweet Leonard:: - My beloved Deer - Ring (Prize in the Hunting for Winter Hunt)
Nails: Sn@tch - Nail Candy - Cloud
Shoes: N-core - COQUETTE - Black
Pose: Apple Spice - Pinup Pose 006
House: *ionic* - winter house (Prize in the Hunting for Winter Hunt)

Friday, December 14, 2012

Forgotten Rainbows

RAINBOWS EVERYWHERE!!! Well at least forma few of my favorite stores! I have to say I am quite happy with Forgotten Closet's "Hippie/Rainbow" theme they have going on right now. It totally got Cute Poison and Zombie Suicide to release rainbow stuff that I was able to pounce on! Add that to +Blue Blood+'s Rainbow Twisted Krissmuss Dresses and I am totally on top of the rainbow right now! Not only did I find some new stuff that screamed my name but I totally got the perfect excuse to buy the rainbow boots at Dilly Dolls that I have been eyeing for a month but had zero clue what I could and would wear them with! Problem totally solved!

While teleporting to Dilly Dolls and waiting on the sim to rez around me I noticed this rainbow blur off in the corner and had to investigate, thus leading me to discover her rainbow hording octopus that reminded me that i had Arms and a purse I could wear on them. I can't believe I almost forgot I owned this adorable purse form katat0nik, but then again I hardly ever get purses in SL because I don't have to have a phone or a wallet or a book on me. (Yes, I am a nerd IRL, I carry a book/Nook in my purse at all times and won't buy a purse unless it fits the aforementioned objects.)

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: cStar Limited - Spectrum 2.0 Skin - Cream
Hair: ::Exile:: - All for Love - Frost
Lashes: .ploom. - Lashes 1
Eyes: [ni.Ju] - Depth Eyes - Rainbow Swirl
Piercings: :Zombie Suicide: - Rainbow piercing set (Available at Forgotten Closet)
Necklace: Cute Poison - Dreamstone Necklace Available at Forgotten Closet)
Dress: +Blue Blood+ - Berenice Rainbow (Available for Twisted Krissmuss)
Nails: :Zombie Suicide: - Black Nails with Rainbow Tips (Available at Forgotten Closet)
Rings: :Zombie Suicide: - Rainbow Ring (Available at Forgotten Closet)
Boots: *Dilly Dolls* - Oxy Flamed Boots - Light
Purse: *katat0nik* - Rainbow Purse (With Pose)
Pose: Apple Spice - Attitude Pose 003

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wings Of A Butterfly

I was surfing Flickr the other day and saw the new dress released from *LpD* and had instant inspiration! Thus I bring you my take on Couture Fashion with my Wings of a Butterfly look. It was inspired by the dress brought to life with the skin and taken to a different place outside my head with the butterflies. All I know is I stretched my normal fashion boundaries and like what came out of it!

Did I mention that Jasmine took a day and redid the cStar sim to have an epic winter castle and seating area and stuff? Totally worth a looksy especially for some awesome winter cozy themed pictures.

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: cStar Limited - Miss Virgo 2012 - Amber
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ - Gloria Mesh Hair - Night Shadow w/ Hair Base
Head Butterfly: A:S:S deLuxe - Le Papillion Noir (Modified to be Blue and re-positioned)
Lashes: .ploom. - Lashes 1
Eyes: .Insufferable Dastards. - Glimmer Contacts - Blue (Available at The Arcade)
Earrings: Lazuri - Multi Strand Matching Earrings  - Silver Antique
Nose Butterfly: Sanu - Tiny Butterfly - Vivid Blues
Lips: cStar - Lip 006
Necklace: Lazuri - Multi Strand Necklace - Silver Antique
Dress: *Les Petits Détails* - *Marla* Dress - Blue
Nails: Sn@tch - Nail Candy - Black/Blue Tips
Shoes: N-core - POISON - Noir Intense
Pose: Apple Spice - Walking 001

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Snatching Stars

I found too much awesome when looking on Flickr the other day form a bunch of my favorite creators so I just had to share all the win I found. First off these lamb horns from Half-Deer; I was aiming for the rainbow ones (Dreaming) of course, but when my first try got me the Wish ones I was over the top excited because they are just crazy cute and I knew I could use them to look adorable! Then I stumbled upon the new releases form Sn@tch and fell totally in love with these tops in both the paler and the brighter colors and had to have them both! Add these finds to the collection of skins I got at the Winter Fair from cStar and out comes a fun, playful look that I just had to use a silly, fun pose for.

Did I mention how much I love these ears that Trap and ni.Ju came out with? They are totally versatile thanks to the great hud that comes with them and the piercings add a bit of edge, which I love! I enjoy play up the edge too with all the assorted piercings that Cute Poison comes out with. Sae is a piercing machine and I totally love it!

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: cStar Limited - Winter Glam - Apricot (Exclusive for Winter Fair)
Hair: Alice Project - Steph II - Black/Purple (Gacha at the Unhinged Festival)
Horns: +Half-Deer+ - Lamb Horns - Wish (Available at the Pop-Up Gacha Event)
Ears: [][]Trap[][] and [ni.Ju] - Gelf Ears - Pierced
Lashes: .ploom. - Lashes 1
Eyes: [Void] - Filth - Bright Purple
Under Eye Piercings: Cute Poison - Sad Clown (Only Available on the Market Place)
Lip Piercings: Cute Poison - Simple Snakebites
Top: Sn@tch - Sweet Enough Sweater - Plum
Pants: Sn@tch - Shine Jeans - Charcoal
Nails: Sn@tch - Nail Candy - Plum Wine
Pose & Pose Prop: .Infiniti. - Oh My Stars - Pose 2 (I edited the color of the star prop to match the stars on my horns)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Night's Sorrow

cStar released FOUR epic new skins, in the 42 new tones that she first released in the gatcha, for the Winter Fair, and I was fighting hard against the sim and lag to get to the even the first morning to pick up these awesome skins. I was one of the lucky few that managed to push my way through and get in to the event and grab my skins! And thus I was inspired between the blues in this skin tone and the make-up and the new "Nightingale's Sorrow" pose prop Diesel Works just released to make this sexy blue post. I really do need to start working with pose props more there are so many great ones out there I just struggle finding good places to take pics that allow me to rez them out. Just means I need to adventure more to show off all the awesomeness I find when pose shopping.

Lately I've been really missing +DV8+, then I remember that Sn@tch has a lot of the sexy latex and velvets that I miss from +DV8+, so I get a little less sad while I oggle all the awesomeness that Ivey creates. All the colors she makes makes the rainbow whore in me happy too since all of her stuff comes in multiple colors in the pack when you buy it it is hard to resist!

I have to say I really do have too much fun dressing up based around the cStar skins. While playing dress up last night, I was searching for the perfect necklace while in on a Skype call with Kaylith, Christiana and Jasmine(of cStar). This lead to Jasmine introducing me to an awesome shop I had never heard of before, that has awesome jewelry full of detail. WTG is now one of my new favorite jewelry stores and I will probably be using them more and more.

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: cStar Limited - Winter Night - Cosmic Haze (Exclusive for Winter Fair)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ - Nikki Mesh Hair - Storm w/ Hair Base
Lashes: .ploom. - Lashes 1
Eyes: [ni.Ju] - Winter Depth Eyes - Glimmer (Exclusive for Frost Fair 2012)
Necklace: +:+WTG+:+ - **Galaxy** necklace
Corset: Sn@tch - Sensoria Velvet Corset - Blue
Pants: Sn@tch - Twisted Faith Latex Jeans - Black
Nails: Sn@tch - Nail Candy - Black/Blue Tips
Bracelets: Maxi Gossamer - Voodoo Rocker - Cross (Right) and Skull Heart (Left)
Shoes: N-core - COQUETTE - Black
Pose Prop: Diesel Works - Nightingale's Sorrow

Monday, December 3, 2012

B!tch Has Confidence

I hate how much attention RL needs right now cause it is taking me forever and a day to get all my blogging caught up but I will do it! Time to show off the goodies I have collected from Cute Poison and cStar! The new Zodiac started and thus cStars new Zodiac skin Miss Sagittarius was released! Jasmine has out done herself again because she made a whooping 42 tones for this release and all 42 tones are new never before seen with any cStar skin. It took me about a week to finally complete my collection using the Gatcha Machines, the MM Boards, the PLATINUM Group Lucky Board, and trading with everyone that was willing. Then I had to go through all the tones to decide which to use first! I have to say I am in love with the new tones and some of the names. Hard not to smile at Orge, Dark War, Mirage, and Cosmic Haze among the tone with more "normal" tone names like Blush, Apricot, and Warm Maple. But anyways you should defiantly go check out these skins!

Now let me show off what I used one of my new skins for! Cute Poison is part of the Singer Icon Fair and released a new dress and new boots exclusively for the fair and I have hardly been able to take them off! Cute Poison is also part of this round of the Forgotten Closet and has out these awesome piercing as well as cute bracelets available there. Time for a close-up so you can see the details of these piercings and the skin.

Also on the topic of Cute Poison, Sae Luan has been working on the sim for the past week making it wonderfully winter themed and updating her shop build at the same time, so you should totally go check it out! I snuck over there and decided to distract her from her endless work on the sim by convincing her to take these awesome pictures of me with the beautiful sim in the background because I felt my pictures just weren't doing her any justice with the sim or her items from the Singer Icon Fair or Forgotten Closet.

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: cStar Limited - Miss Sagittarius 12' - Blush
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ - Gloria Mesh Hair - Night Shadow w/ Hair Base
Antlers: +Half-Deer+ - Fawn Antlers - Monochrome (Silver Lining Hunt Gift)
Lashes: .ploom. - Lashes 1
Eyes: .Insufferable Dastard. - City Lights - Mint
Ear Piercings: :Zombie Suicide: - Deception Ear Piercings
Lip Piercing: Cute Poison - Captive Piercings (For Forgotten Closet)
Chest Tattoo: +Half-Deer+ - Music Notes Tattoo
Necklace: Cute Poison - Bitch Necklace
Dress: Cute Poison -Strict Confidence Dress (Exclusive for the Singer Icon Fair)
Nails: Sn@tch - Nail Candy - Black/White Tips
Boots: Cute Poison -Morpheus Boots (Exclusive for the Singer Icon Fair)
Pose: Apple Spice - Fierce 001
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