Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Second Hand Faith

So this post is about a couple things, the pretty outfit I made AND my partner in crime.
First lets talk about Kaylith. My best friend, my other half, my partner in crime, Kaylith Zeurra has been really down on her luck lately. Her life is giving her a metric shit tonne of lemons, and I would love, with the help of amazing people like you, to help turn her lemons into lemonade.

The most recent lemon, the one we can all help to fix is the loss of her computer, her lifeline to help cope with all of her lemons. We are planning a fair type fundraiser on the sim a friend of mine owns and has agreed to let me use for this event. Designers would be able to set up items there to sell at a "Lemonade Stand". The event will start on the 5th of August and run through the 11th. The location will be set up and ready for designers to set up their items from the 1st - 4th of August. Each "Lemonade Stand" will have 15 prims 'attached' to it for the designer to use. The general theme of the fundraiser will be "When Life Gives You Lemons ... Make Lemonade," but items do not need to fit a specific theme. I do understand that this is a rather quick set up event and thus items do not need to be new or exclusive, we just ask that between 25% and 100% of one to five (or more) items would go towards the computer fund. We will provide a split revenue script that will be used to send whatever portion of the proceeds you choose to Kaylith. In the chance that excess funds are raised the excess would go towards other life lemons that Kaylith faces IRL.

Link to Apply: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/19bGOwv08j1UoOYUMf9lQntnFaLb4ThzYLZgsg4TK-EE/viewform

Now I know many of you reading this aren't designers, and maybe even don't know many designers, but if you just come check out the event and maybe buy an item or 2 you find that you like it would really help. If you can pass this on to someone you think can help that would be grand. And for those of you that are bloggers, if you could either blog the items during the event or do a shout out on your own blog I would really appreciate it.

Okay now on to the pretty! I am so far behind with these epic unicorn parts Half-Deer made for The Arcade last month it isn't even funny! I love them all but these dark parts really called to me when I saw them after I finished squeeeing over all the rainbow variations. And Sn@tch is at it again with her older mesh releases calling to me I just can't stay away and every time I go in to shop I find something that I somehow missed seeing the last time I went shopping.

Cute Poison finally caved in and upgraded to making mesh piercings and I must say she started off rocking it with a bang! She already has at least 3 piercings out and that's just the first week of her having any mesh piercings released! And all of the color options are there included with the hud as well as the fact that they are mega easy to MOD. I am in LOVE!

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: cStar Limited - CE - Sweetheart 5 - Subdued
Hair: !lamb. - Temptation - Ink (Available at Hair Fair 2013)
Ears and Horn: +Half-Deer+ - Sweet Dreams Unicorn Set - Bad Apple - Silver Piercings
Eyes: .ID. - Tropical Brights - Sky
Lashes: .ploom. - Lashes 1
Eye Liner: cStar Limited - Cat Liner - 003 -Real Cat
Face Piercings: Cute Poison - Zephyr Piercing (July Group Gift)
Neck Piercings: Cute Poison - Ephemera Piercings
Dress: Sn@tch - Kitten Velvet Dress - Teal
Bangles: Maxi Gossamer - Damasc - SILVER - Combo 1 and Combo 2
Glitter Effect: +Fallen Gods Inc.+ - TURQUOISE sparkle tattoo (Tattoo Layer of 'intense' and Undershirt and Underwear Layers of 'light')
Nails: Slink - Avatar Enhancement Fingernails WITH [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] - Slink Hands Fingernails Applier - TRINITY #1 (Available at Perfect Wardrobe)
Unicorn Tail: +Half-Deer+ - Blossom Tail - Poisonbloom - Dual Tail
Pose: Apple Spice - Fierce Pose 002


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