Sunday, January 19, 2014

Cyber Samurai


You can always find some of the most interesting characters over at the Blue Falcon Industry's Bar. Sit down and have a drink, there's always cold beer on tap. Beer not your style? There's always whiskey and other spirits, but careful not to over-do it like Niri did. She's gonna be hungover tomorrow!
So, the helmet I'm wearing in this is pretty snazzy. It's really different as far as scifi gear goes, and it's very much inspired by the traditional samurais, but the creator put their own twist to it (hence its name). It's 100% original rigged mesh, modify as to tint the eye slits like I have in the picture, and comes with a BUTT TON of color options. Don't worry, the creator at BFI made sure to made version for male, female, and fit for using tops with collars. So why don't you drop by, have a drink, then pick yourself up a new helmet? 

Now for the credits:
Helmet: Blue Falcon Industries - Cyber Samurai Helmet
Bodysuit: Blue Falcon Industries -Armored Undersuit
Boots: Slink - Tall Leather Thigh Boots
Katana: Blue Falcon Industries -Verne Noble House Sword (Custom mesh sword for a starwars roleplay group.It's an SWRP sim run by House Verne as a fiefdom for the Bakuran Monarchy, oversaw by Verne herself.)
Pose: Custom pose for the bar, by . Presence .


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