Monday, March 25, 2013

Do you like guns?

Well, do you like guns? SonnenKorp has created and released an all new original mesh Laser Pistol. The Last Pistol, usable in LL damage combat sims, fire a deadly and incredibly accurate raycast beam that is not capable of penetrating through walls. Though if you do not like raycast, it has a toggle-able mode in which you can use prim rounds. This pistol has seven (7) different skins, each having a worn version. It also include a low lag holstered version for when you do not feel like wielding this weapon. All commands operate on either channel 0 or 1, and they have even included a handy reload gesture for you!

- Now to explain a bit:
As far as commands go, let's say you're wearing the holster and main pistol with the holster being active, but you want to draw your weapon. You'd simply say /0 draw or /1 draw and badabing, you're ready to fire. Now to holster it again, all you have to do is say /0 sling or /1 sling and it's placed right back in it's holster. If you want to change ammo between standard or raycast rounds, all you have to do is say /0 ammo or /1 ammo and you can easily toggle between them. Now for my favorite part, skins, yay! As said before there are seven different skins for the pistol: Default, Faceless, Red, Cadian, Shock, Brown, and Black. Each skin also has it's own worn version, in case you don't like the brand-shiny-new kinda look. To toggle between skins, just say /0 skin.NAMEHERE or /1 skin.NAMEHERE but replace 'NAMEHERE' with your desired skin. Now it's said to use the worn skins, you have to CALCULATE THE MASS OF THE SUN (mass of the sun = 1.9891 × 10^30 kilograms, by the way), but really you just have to add a 'w' to the end of the name. so if you wanted the red skin's worn version, it would be /0 skin.redw or /1 skin.redw which is epic simple. So in a nutshell, the Laser Pistol by SonnenKorp is simple and easy to use, as well as modify so you can scale it to fit your avatar. Not to mention this gun is efficiently scripted and well worth the price!

Moving on though, I bet you think that cybernetic eye-piece in the picture is pretty cool, right? Well it is and it's totally for sale by the same Mr. Sonnenkern. The Optical Augmentations are a high quality (and original) mesh attachments with high quality texturing. It includes two different textures (clean & dirty), as well as a couple preset colors for the lenses. Seeing as the Optical Augmentation are completely modifiable  unrigged mesh, you can use the 'Select Faces' tool in your build menu to tint the lenses yourself to your desired color. The creator does warn that this was made specifically for his avatar shape, but don't worry-- I found it pretty easy to fit to my own shape. However if it still doesn't quite look right, most hair can cover that side of the face so you can make it work either way. I honestly enjoy this mesh attachment and I seriously recommend it to anyone who's into the cyber look or scifi roleplay. Again, this is seriously worth the price.

So enough of my rambling. Why don't you check out [SonnenKorp] for yourself?
You can visit the store either In-World or on The Marketplace.


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