Thursday, May 2, 2013

Momento Mori

     I have to say Kamelot is probably one of my favorites bands ever, especially their albums Epica and The Black Halo. I had been listening to them the other day when a particular song titled Momento Mori really made me feel something powerful, especially the following lyrics:
"Who wants to separate,
The world we know from our beliefs,
And who sees only black and white,
Distinguish loss from sacrifice,
Some day we may come to peace,
With the world within ourselves,
And I will await you,
Until I close my eyes... close my eyes... close my eyes..."
     So with that playing in my mind over and over again, I set out to create a look based on how the song made me feel.

     Of course things went quite Gothic as you can tell, but that happens with me quite a bit. So I went with something pretty with my own flair to it. It just so happened I was in love with a new acquired, but older, cStar skin. I was wearing her around the Fantasy Fair went I happened to find a dress that called my name and I absolutely just HAD to have! My problem was I had no idea what shoes to wear with it though; that is when my friend Lindsey Warwick popped in and told me about some new platform boots she made! With the name being Crushers<3 I was interested. So I popped over to her store and fell in love! She has numerous colors, including discounted flame print ones specific to her in-world location. I grabbed as many as I could hold! It was to my surprise though that her HUD is very simple and easy to use. Not to mention color packs can be mixed and matched. I was so epic jazzed about it!
     After I had found the PERFECT boots to go with this look, I found a pretty flower head piece and a monotone clutch in my inventory that were begging to be used. I originally had a blonde hair with this look too, but something about it didn't seem quite right, so I didn't blog the look right away. I did however go to the Truth Hair sale with one of my closest friends, Jasmine. With her knowledge, she knew that there was a ponytail waiting there for me that I would absolutely love. I wasn't quite sure on it at first, but after buying it and trying it on in Pearl, she was so friggin' right! <3 My look was complete!
     Lastly, I headed over to a certain monotonous dark carnival out on the grid with one of my favorite Apple Spice poses. Pictures were taken and I was very happy with the results! <3

Now for the credits~

Hair: >TRUTH< - Dawson - pearl
Skin: cStar Limited - LouLou - Light
Eyes: The Sugar Garden - Awake - Red
Lashes: Glam Affair - Regina - Eyelashes 04
Dress: lassitude & ennui - Gothic doll corset dress - black
Jacket: lassitude & ennui - Gothic doll jacket - black
Boots: [LW] - Crushers<3 - Noir
Accessories: Glam Affair - I Follow Rivers - Frost
MOLiCHiNO - Delirium Clutch - White
Poses: Apple Spice - Handbag Pose 007


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