Sunday, October 21, 2012

Walk Like A... Zombie!

Yes it is time for another Halloween related(ish) post! I would go off about zombies any time of year but right now this particular look gave me giggle fits while I was putting it together. I actually have a shirt that says this IRL and well I had to have it on SL too when I saw it. Add to that equation that the lovely MiaSnow has brought out her zombie goodies that only come out to play this time of year and I decided to go for this totally ironic look and I must say I am loving it.

No zombie look is complete without bloody pants though and I discovered I was severely lacking in this department. Thus a shout out on Plurk, and 3 attempts to not end up naked when landing at the Cinema event later, I have these awesome mesh bloody pants from .evolve.

My only issue with these pants is that they are actually kinda long so it was a challenge to get my shoes to work with them instead of against them, but that is my own damn fault. I tried on the demo found they fit perfect but was doing it barefoot. However there is always a way to make things work and with a little trick adjusting of a copy of my shoes with prim feet I managed to make the pants fit and my shoes fit and the ground ate nothing! Morals of the story? 1) Mesh is win. 2) These pants are win. 3) Always try demos, and try them with all the other clothing parts so you see what may conflict. 4) Learn to make silly modifications and learn from my silly mistakes.

Also you should totally go check out The Haunting at Cute Poison! They did a great job decorating and the scavenger hunt is fun (and not too brain intensive, so even if a zombie catches you and eats your brains you can still finish)! Plus it is an awesome spot to take pictures at!

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this sweet, sweet irony as much as I did assembling it. Also learn from my mistakes I already made them you shouldn't have to!

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: MIASNOW - ZOMBINA - heartbreaker
Hair: Magika - Awkward
Eyes: MIASNOW - ZOMBIE - sickly
Necklace: Cute Poison - Zombie Necklace
Shirt: Cute Poison - KCnKZ Shirt
Pants: .evolve. - bloody.jeans. - dirty  (Cinema Exclusive)
Shoes: Cute Poison -  Twist'd Heels
Pose: .ploom. - Creep - 4


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