Tuesday, August 21, 2012

This Beauty is MINE!

Why yes I sat at the Zombie Popcorn event at the right time to FIGHT over the very limited released Dahlia skins. Jasmine of cStar warned us when she started to tease us that only TWO of each tone were going to be up for grabs. Mind you 41 tones in all meant 82 skins up for grabs but there were a few fights. One of them and the most vicious that I witnessed was, the one I was in, over the Subdued tone. Jasmine was actually scared to put it on the table cause she notices the sharks circling the table as we were flying through the 'S' tones when she was releasing them in alphabetical order. So first, she straightened the table and made everything orderly to bind her time and try to get it out without an all out fight on her hands. Well needless to say she put the first one out and at least 5 of us managed to "buy" it in the mere seconds before it registered the sale and poofed. Jasmine of course was prepared for this and cheerfully refunded everyone's money before she set out the next skin. Luckily I was quick enough on the draw the second time to nab this beauty.

I know I have made a few people very jealous by managing to snag this very limited tone from them, but I fell in love and decided I just really had to have it if I was lucky enough to be on when it went out, and I was. This adventure got my adrenaline pumping and my blood pressure up! I was bouncing in my chair with excitement waiting for it to be released, had to be sent to the bathroom by Jasmine when it was discovered I was refusing to leave my chair because I did not want to miss it, and could hardly breathe when I discovered I had won it.

Today when I opened up my prize I remembered the other awesome thing I had somehow managed to forget about this release. It came with eyes and eyelashes to match! So Jasmine of cStar has truly outdone herself with this release putting up with the crazy skin hoarders and releasing such an amazing sin in such a wide variety of tones!

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: cStar Limited - Dahlia - Subdued - No Longer Available, but was at the Zombie Popcorn event.
Hair: Magika - After
Eyes:cStar Limited - Galaxy Eyes - Just Born
Lashes: cStar Limited - Dahlia - Teal Lashes
Necklace: +Cyrious+ Fairy Dust Vial Necklace - Air
Corset: +DV8+ - Heartbreaker Corset - Teal
Shorts: *Epic* - Kyoot Pocket Denim Shorts - Teal
Boots: *Epic* - Mesh Latex Boots - Bubblegum
Hands: Snatch - Nail Candy - Black/Pink Tips


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