Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Vengeance is Rising

"Vengeance is rising In Heaven and Hell!
Through blood we are marching, in fire we dwell!
We're burning your kingdoms, dominions expelled!
We are God, we are Caesar, of Heaven and Hell!
Angels are falling for the very last time!
Empires burning in hate and decline!
Ungrateful and violent, we're breaking the spell!
We are God, we are Caesar of Heaven and Hell!"
-Triatii, Heaven and Hell

Let me just say right now I'm a table top nerd. If you are in the same realm, you'll know real fast what I channeled in this post. If not, I was running a muck as an unholy sister of battle, heavily inspired by Warhammer 40k. My chainsword was revving, hungering for blood, as I was firing off my bolter into the enemy troops and shouting "FOR THE GLORY OF CHAOS!"
A while ago Heretech had released this full armor set in a variety of colors (including a sponge and tie dye pattern for some reason). It's 100% original, handmade mesh with 100% original textures and specular maps. The corset and neck tubing is rigged while all other pieces are unrigged and modify so you can fit them, with a variety of alpha layers included. After I was armored up I needed to find just the right hair and spent an hour or two looking until I realized that MOON had created the perfect bob style! I was completely jazzed, so I grabbed my final touches. This hand tattoo and nails from Zibska gave me the effect I was looking for (several colors included, not just red), so I grabbed my bolter and chainsword then headed out.

Now for the credits.
Hair: MOON{Hair} - Montauk Monster - Naturals 1
Skin: ::JOLI:: - Justine Skin - Bare - Rosy
Eyes: Dark Diva - i03 Eye Set
Liner: cStar Limited - Cat Liner 009 - Hardcore Cat
Hand Tatt/Nails: Zibska - Mallt
Armor: [Heretech] - Sororius Armor - Ebon (Does not include hanging cloth)
Gun: [Chaos Indivisvm] - Heretech Pattern Bolterl Mk 1.2 (Not for sale.)
Sword: [Chaos] - Chainsword (Not for sale.)
Back Piece: [Chaos] - Iron Halo (Not for sale.)
Pose: [Negative Visual] - One Handed Pistol - Right - Aim 01


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